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  1. I must state also that when Varakai TP'ed me to a mountain, I was in a middle of a poker game, with bet from my side 19-22k. Which costed me the lost of it, I was not able to act normaly on a poker game. If he was polite like some other staff's, he would'ev waited me to finish my round and inform me via PM that we must discuss a problem I made. I do deserve a refund from him also. As you can check on the first picture we see how I am on a mountain and on the down-right corner you can see the game ongoing, sadly me bugged. He did not even say sorry to me after I lost my money.
  2. Account name: GeorgiKirov Character name(s): Georgi Kirov Admin who issued punishment: Varakai Date of punishment: 25/03/2019 Punishment received: Warning Reason given for punishment: Spoken to about advertising other GTA servers Your explanation of what happened: I want to hear community overview on something. Indirectly I did not mean to advertise a SAMP server name. I was having OOC discussion on poker table. I told that this guy has soo poor quality roleplay experience, that he looks like he camed from XXXX (Where I said the server name) server for example. 10 minutes later Moderator was about to ban me, but he decided to warn me due to my clear record, he teleported me while I was betting 20k on poker table, he did not even wait me to finish it. I did not advertise GTA V server, it is San Andreas one, dead, old, infront of closing down. Why should your appeal be accepted?: 6. Advertising and Public Chat ● It is prohibited to advertise or discuss other GTA V multiplayer communities on any ECLIPSE (As we see it is GTA V, not only "GTA SERVERS") (Admin stated that the rule is for all GTA servers, even for GTA 1,2,3,San Andreas,4. I dont feel this is fair and I want to hear your opinion. My stating was that he looks like his from RPG server from SAMP and that he does not deserve to be in this HIGH RP server. As you can see my past admin record is fully clear for this a lot of time me being in the community. I am a good RP player, with good money in this server and I won't risk getting banned to advertise some SA-MP server. I do accept Varakai's decision as insult towards me (not direct insult of course). If you do see OUR CHAT LOG at 25/03/2019 - 01:40 - 01:47 server time, he stated that it's about all GTA servers, on all GTA platforms, and as we can all see it states GTA V correctly. Post any evidence or further details: I dunno why screenshots appear without chatlog on the screen, but you have the time of the warning, search for the chat logs and you'll find it.
  3. <*>DJ KIROV<*> SPECIAL GIFTS AND FREE DRINKS FOR LADIES Bahama Mamas - 01.04.2019 BALKAN SUMMER ENTRY - SEASON OPENING > Without a doubt, the most valuable thing for us is you! < We are working on improving our services on a daily basis in order for you to get the best experience! Stay tuned for more info! For reservations please book on this website. (( REPLY ON TOPIC ))
  4. No. I was just using VPN and i forgot it ON. I attempted to login and the server detected a new strange IP and froze my account, since it though someone was breaking in. Then when I tried loging in with VPN OFF, my account was still frozen and it was asking for verification via email. But the problem is that Eclipse Roleplay has a bug and does NOT generate such verification email. Soo clearly I cannot play and I cannot understand why it is taking soo long.
  5. I know about this. Email is correct there is just no e-mail being sent or generated from Eclipse Roleplay. I think there is a bug in the server, not being able to generate recover email for account. Soo clearly I'm fucked up. It's not Gmail problem, because it's Google dah. Some admin need to activates me manually. It's been 2 weeks now I cannot login lol, best support ever.
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): I don't know when it first happened Character name: Georgi_Kirov Issue/bug you are reporting: I cannot login, it keeps asking me for email verification, but it doesn't send any email at all, not even in Spam. Tried a lot of times. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Vehicle license plate number*:
  7. I want to add that I tried from the panel also, when I logged in from the web panel, I clicked "send email", but I still receive nothing on my Gmail, neither in the Spam folder. There is some bug with these verification emails. Please fix.
  8. I want to login in my account, but it asks me for verification. It says it sent mail to my e-mail, but I check and I have nothing in my Gmail, nor in Spam folder, nowhere. Now I cannot verify myself / login. Lol. I think this was cause since I attempted to login in my account, with forgotten VPN ON from Germany and maybe the server though someone's hacking in my account. Now I cannot login even with my IP address. Please fix it. Attaching image.
  9. I'm interested, give me number and let's meet.
  10. My offer is 380-390k. Keep in mind that you will skip taxes.
  11. If you lower a bit, I will give you the money directly in cash, you can even skip taxes. If it's still for sale ofcourse.
  12. I don't want people to make big ass money over my head, soo I will be clear review on this as good citizen. If you plan to buy this, you need to know that this House was sold for $560,000 to this owner before 1-2 weeks. Peace and don't get scammed.
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