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  1. John Robert

    GFX || Staff members.

    Jheezzz... 🤩
  2. John Robert

    2085_6196 (5.3.1 Deathmatch), 670_9347 (5.3.4 VDM)

    The thing was that we just came with pointing a gun and I said get out of the car and he just ran away straight as you can see in his video, but his video got no sounds so you can't hear this, so all the way when he was running I was shouting "Pull over" and trying to shoot his tyres.
  3. John Robert

    2085_6196 (5.3.1 Deathmatch), 670_9347 (5.3.4 VDM)

    By the way... We came back to finish you in case if you snitch us to the cops
  4. John Robert

    2085_6196 (5.3.1 Deathmatch), 670_9347 (5.3.4 VDM)

    First of all, we was robbing you in voip and you started running, I was trynna shoot at your tyres. As you can see in your own video, you was calling Police while we was robbing you so I had right to shoot you.
  5. John Robert

    John Robert (Bullets gone)

    Character to be refunded: John Robert Date and time of incident: 06/09/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): Lost 71 Micro SMG bullets. (7000$) Description of incident resulting in loss: So I had a "Regular SMG" in my hands with 29 bullets, then I bought a "Micro SMG" with 100 bullets from @GaiusTavi(Tavi_Patronus) (he has some evidence that I bought it) Then I pressed USE on "Micro SMG" and pressed USE on them 100 bullets and I had only 29 bullets left on both of my SMG's (I was supposed to have 29 bullets on "regular smg" and 100 bullets on my "Micro SMG") Evidence of loss:
  6. John Robert

    Mask 2775_1135 [Powergaming/NonRP]

  7. John Robert

    Mask 2775_1135 [Powergaming/NonRP]

    As I'm involved in this, you can see in your evidence that I was rp'ing my things. By the way someone in the background was calling cops for us so maybe that's why that guy was rushing to mug you.
  8. John Robert

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    I never robbed you in the past, other thing is that you injured me and finished straight. What metagaming ? I'm a Chef of Police Department in one of the Lithuanian SA:MP servers and I'm always being with my employees in the same TeamSpeak's channel to communicate with them whenever they needed. So don't chat some false information when you don't even understand language they are talking in that video.
  9. John Robert

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    What metagaming lol ? Background was not a metagaming or something, I wasn't talking to them lol.
  10. John Robert

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    Sorry @TeamSpeakUser, missed to write who's acctually being reported, I did it just now. This guy @LaCocke is probably that other guy who was just pointing a gun at me
  11. John Robert

    ELEGY RETRO CUSTOM FOR SALE ((Paul Walkers GTR Lookalike))

    Your phone number is not working
  12. John Robert

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 8460_615 Date of rule breach: 06-05-2018 Time of rule breach: 16:45:36 BST Your characters name: John_Robert Other players involved: Mask 1766_6366 Specific rule broken: " Specific rule broken: 6.1. Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch, Revenge Killing, Kill On Sight 1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban." How did the player break the rule?: So I was on my way to shop in the Mirror park and 2 guys just rammed me till I crashed, after I crashed one of them as you can see in the video just pointed a gun at me and robbed me, I did everything he told me to do, checked my wallet, frisked me, asked me to drop my pistol on the floor as I did and after I said "I though you are a cool guy" he said "you robbed me first" which is not truth, I've never robbed him in the past and after all robbing thing he just decided to kill me for no reason. Evidence of rule breach:
  13. +Class: Sport +Top Speed: 200 km/h +Modded: 100% +Stock: 162'000$ +Price: 180'000$ +Contact: 4784672 Also you can find it at the High End market place
  14. John Robert

    Stranger 4841_6581 Combat Log

    My recording was without the sounds, I'm turned them off to make some fun video today and forgot to turn them back on, and that's all record I've got, and we wasn't reseting RP or something like this, as you see in the beginning in the second part of the video, when he came back he bought a phone for 2k straight way.
  15. John Robert

    Stranger 4841_6581 Combat Log

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 4841_6581 Date of rule breach: 06/02/2018 Time of rule breach: ~ 21:00:00 BST Your characters name: John_Robert Other players involved: Mask 670_9347 | Stranger 3593_311 Specific rule broken: " 6.3. Combat & Roleplay Logging 1. Players are not allowed to disconnect from a roleplay or combat situation that could have negative in- character consequences. If your game crashes, you must reconnect to the server and inform the parties involved with you before the crash and ask them if they want to continue roleplaying the scenario.