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  1. The Comission (Exploiting Server and Client Bugs)

    I was there and was shot multiple times from multiple downed people. its a known bug that has been reported. it your responsibility as a player to keep up with reported bugs and not use them or exploit them. Dont blame the develolpers that are working on fixing it and blame yourselfs for using them. Also let refrain from ooc insults and multiple people are irish and scottish in the group so its invalid even such. As soon as you get stuck in one spot and cant walk or run your downed. its pretty simple your life going back to full is the bleedout timer. we all know this.
  2. The Sons Of Chaos MC

    Its an official faction
  3. Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    The screen shot she uses as evidence was only proof that the person that was telling her that they saw you chopping cars and the fact that it was you. They obviously know you and seen you doing it. Also they told all this information to Mia in-game making that verbal part of the incidint IC knowledge. For OOC evidence to be used ICly its stated that you have to see someone recording this is for posting complaints and reports on the forums. Thus your claim here is invalid. as well you ooc insult her by saying she doesnt know how to run LSC in your own report. Your report is slander and innappropriate in my opinion.
  4. No more Supercars?

    I've seen the example of criminals chasing down military transports in supercar's and shooting from them twice. Sure its not realistic but neither is the military annoucing that they are going to be transporting a cache of guns and where realistic either. I understand that admins do events to get something going but if this is all for the RP experience then we have to be on better terms as a whole the direction the server should go. Ive been on this server for 2 weeks or so but ive logged 120+ hours already. In that time ive seen more police chases than i can count and not once have i seen this elusive police high speed chase vehicle. So that leads me to believe that only a few police have access to it. which it turn would lead you to believe that those few people are inactive or very low active. which would lead to a belief that theres a problem with the state of the police on the server. All of this is basic logic. So instead lets punish everyone else. I mean you are issuing refunds for the cars but to what extent. Import fees +modification cost+labor (average 10%) and Credits. well credits was a currency someone paid real money for and if they got the ETR1 for example that was 10000 credits so now theres nothing fancy that interest those people a refund does them no good. I dont own a supercar nor have i driven one. Im looking at this from a neutral standpoint. In game money is still equal to time invested as well if you average on a job 5000/hr and 500000 supercar is 100 hours of time working a job on the server not enough is what your telling everyone. and not all people that have supercars are criminals breaking the law either so there are big problems with the ideology of this change as a whole.