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  1. Upper Management Team Chief Executive Officer The Chief Executive Officer has big responsibilities. He must watch the whole staff and take care of the economy. The Chief Executive Officer of the company makes all major decisions within the company. Currently held by: James Eriksen Chief Operating Officer The Chief Operating Officer has a major responsibility as well. The COO manages staff, purchases new vehicles, and sells the older ones to balance out the economy. If the Chief Executive Officer of the company is out of town, the COO assumes all roles of the CEO. Currently held by: Jonny Chang Human Resources Director The Human Resources Director has the responsibility to manage our HR employees and ensure a good working atmosphere. A Human Resources Director can hire Trainees, as well fire them if needed. They may also handle employee relations, payroll and benefits and training. Currently held by: Chuck Mangione Public Resources Director The Public Resources Director is in charge of managing the PR Team, ensuring a good working atmosphere. In addition, they are to perform regular PR duties, including but not limited to advertisement of the company, collaborating with other businesses, as well as forming a good image of the company to outsiders. The director also coordinates with the HR Director to ensure that there is an enjoyable experience within the company. The PR Director may, on some occasions, hold interviews for prospective interviews should an HR Employee be unavailable. Currently held by: Andor Rootman Management Team Human Resources Representative Human resources specialists responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They oversee specialists in their duties, consult with executives on strategic planning and link a company’s management with its employees. Current Member(s): Pablo Maria Public Resources Representative Public resources specialists are responsible for promoting a good image for the company, collaborating with other businesses, and advertising the company to any outsiders. They also coordinate with the HR Team to manage different events for the company. Current Member(s): N/A Team Leader As a Team Leader Your responsibilities are to provide guidance and instructions the to other Drivers if needed keep them up to date with the actual news and updates. If there is an issue with any of the Drivers, You report it to the Human Resource Manager. You work as a Driver carrying the same duties but with higher responsibilities. Current Member(s): Charlie Haymitch, Lexa Dagaslov Employee Ranks Senior Driver The Senior Driver has the same duties as other drivers but as well is responsible for providing driving and chauffeur duties to other Drivers if in need of assistance. They also coordinate other drivers in the movement and use of the Downtown Cab Co. vehicles. Senior Drivers are given access to the Stretch, Dashhound Bus, Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi. Driver A driver's job is to drive customers around, and answer their calls. Drivers have the responsibility to take care of our customers as well our vehicles. Drivers are given access to the Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi. Junior Driver Junior Drivers have gained sufficient experience to begin to prove themselves to the company. They provide and accept basic rides and calls. Junior Drivers are given access to the Rental Shuttle Bus and normal Stanier Taxi. Trainee Trainees will typically perform the basic duties of a normal taxi driver. This is a probationary period in which a trainee must prove themself to the company. After this period ends, the trainee is subject to an assessment in which if they pass, they will continue onto a Junior Driver. Trainees are given access to the normal Stanier Taxi. Probationary Trainee Probationary trainees hold the same responsibilities as trainees. This role is given due to extensive criminal records (with the latest charges being old). Thus, reformed criminals will often hold this role. As a probationary trainee, employees are watched closely by management. Employee Teams Employees are split into teams to ensure that there is a closer link between management and drivers. Each team is lead by a designated leader. Team assignment usually varies ((but is usually based off of timezone)). Team 1 ((Americas)) Currently lead by: No Official Leader Team 2 ((Eurasia)) Currently lead by: No Official Leader
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