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  1. ohadzz

    I want to change my forum username

    I'd like to change my name too.. would love to change it to 'Noriki' instead of 'ohadzz' 😉
  2. ohadzz

    Xero - Highway Fuels

    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Xero - Highway Fuels ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Statement from the Owners: Cleanest and most reliable gas station in town! We promise to satisfy you with the most purest and cleanest fuel we can. We will always try to make a reasonable price for fuel, we bought this business for the people to pay LESS. Building of the Gas Station includes a big space of refilling and an ATM, displays on gps as "Highway" north of High end Market. Contact: You can contact the Owners for business intentions: - Jake Ryan (561-1311) - Drake Ryan (339-8256) Partnership: We allow partners to perform actions in our gas station and have perks, contract most be signed. Currently in partnership with: - Motorsport Dealership - Weazel News ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Updated Price per liter: We promise to have our gas station refilled at any time. Current price is $10/L. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join our website! www.Highwayfuels.com ((https://discord.gg/9qWAkWT)) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ohadzz

    Paying Taxes

    +1 on this one, really great idea.
  4. ohadzz

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    +1 from me.
  5. ohadzz

    Fuel Stations & Vehicle Dealerships

    -1 to the fuel suggestion, as a fuel station owner I disagree with that suggestion since if it will take time for the fuel to get to the station, when people that want to fuel up and they see that the same fuel station does not have any fuel in it, they will lose interest in coming back to this station and the owners will lose customers.
  6. ohadzz

    [SALE] Supercar Tempesta

  7. ohadzz

    [SALE] Supercar Tempesta

    my twin is betraying me..
  8. ohadzz

    Glitches / Dsync

    +1 on that one, This topic needs some higher up to look on.
  9. ohadzz

    Less rain

    +1 to this, I've wanted the rain to reduce for so long now, so annoying.
  10. ohadzz

    Loan Company Improvement

    a BIG +1 to this.
  11. ohadzz

    [SOLD] a Luxury 4 car Garage Mansion!