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  1. Hey @Archaeah! Thank you for replying! I would just like to say that there was no meta gaming. I met these guys on my alt when we used to be enemies, when I was in NLA, they were in WCA and a war was going on. Tanner Salvador was never supposed to be my main character as I posted a transfer request to move all assets but I changed my mind. I never received any payments to my main character as each and every person paid the full price for his own pistol and the guns that were purchased for 1$ was for the store owner which is his right I believe. I was indeed mistaken when the pistol ended up in my main character’s hand as you explained to me yesterday the rule, I just want to ask the administrator reviewing this to take into consideration that I am barely around, each or any progress for my character’s development is something huge for me to archive. Thank you for reading this. @Lewis @FatherOsborn @BallinByNature
  2. Character name(s): Tanner Salvador Admin who issued punishment: Archaeah Date of punishment: 12/FEB/20 Punishment received: Perm Ban Reason given for punishment: RWT Your explanation of what happened: After discussing the ban with Archaeah and explaining to me what I was doing wasn't allowed and is a breach of the rules I understand that I was in the wrong here. I was told that this was allowed and it's the only reason I did it, I've been playing in this server for a month or two while serving in my country's army. Therefore my activity is very stricted and I am barely around as I am away most of the time. I understand that I was in wrong here, I understand if this ban won't be lifted and I would even appreciate an unban date. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I love to play on Eclipse, I might have created this account at 2017 but I never really played it until now. I am inexperienced of the server and doing my best at understanding it's rules and the behavior expected from me. I just want to have fun and play with my friends in the times when I am available and chill at your server. I really hope this would be taken into consideration. Post any evidence or further details: Not needed
  3. Character to be refunded: Tanner Salvador Date and time of incident: 04/FEB/2020 - 06:40PM Requested refund (what and how much): Cash - $44923. Description of incident resulting in loss: This was already discussed and handled by Bakmeel, which told me to post a refund request with this screenshot below. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/34a59e6d798c40457f5cefee92427923 Comments: N/A
  4. not related but my boy from ngg, it's tanner salvador here how u doing haven't seen u for ages
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Tanner Salvador Character to Transfer To: Paul Wyatt Requested Transfer: Asset #1 BF400 Asset #2 $40,000 Reason for Transfer: Paul just arrived at the new city with all of his funds. He decided to create his first security company which is why he needs the money for. Paul will use the money to develop his character protayal properly and create more roleplay adventures. ((Tanner Salvador was an account I created to get to know the server before I start to roleplay properly and seriously on the server. I feel after I spent so long it is time to begin my roleplay adventures, but I can't do that with Tanner as he have many criminal records from times I couldn't understand what I was doing on the server. I have no intention to play with this account anymore, therefore I'd like to transfer the funds so I could get to do what I like and roleplay properly. )) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? A friend.
  6. My man, Tanner Salvador here Get me those fucking crates man
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