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ECLIPSE Roleplay: concept art contest

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Hello, ECLIPSE community! Our logo is long overdue for an upgrade and the time has come to replace it with something fresh. There are many creative and amazing individuals in this community and we want to put that talent to work. It is our pleasure to announce the ECLIPSE Roleplay concept art contest!

It is a concept art contest, therefore, participants are not required to produce a usable logo, however, they are welcomed to try or to present their idea in any other format, for example, a sketch drawn on paper with a pencil. We hope that this will allow more people to share their ideas and enable them to compete in the contest.

To participate in the contest, submit an image of your idea here*https://goo.gl/forms/DpUXtf0bg8fQlab22

The winner's idea** will replace the current logo of ECLIPSE Roleplay and the author will be allowed to choose from 10.000 credits or an in-game car/bike*** of their choice. In addition, the author may select a video game for up to €40 from a trusted online vendor.


  • The concept of the logo must be unique (made by you).
  • Must not include copyright protected work, for example, game characters.
  • Must include the words "eclipse" and "roleplay", there are no requirements or restrictions on how that's composed into the logo.

The contest is planned to end on the 8th of September, at 12:00 UTC. (the deadline may be extended if needed).

Participants are permitted to submit an unlimited number of ideas or revisions.
** The winner's idea will become intellectual property of ECLIPSE Roleplay.
***  Prize vehicle cannot be of emergency service class or have turrets, rockets, etc.. lets be reasonable, people!

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