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5 hours ago, alexalex303 said:

The server that you saw this in also has a broken economy. Giving people millions for doing nothing is an absolutely terrible idea.

That being said, It honestly does not have to millions, just give player incentive to find different ways of collecting money

Honestly common sense is dictated here, 1M on another server per 1000 hours could be adjusted to 100K per 700 hours here, literally No need to go to the extreme

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Hello mr lsrp, imo the economy on that server(and pretty much everything) was in nutshell, you get like 200$ per delivery, for 99 percent of the jobs you need your own vehicle, you can't interact with anyone(in certain cases there's too much ic and ooc racism), taxi is 50k, on the other hand if you invest 100k in the savings after 1k hours you have like 20mil or smth?

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