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Adrian Johnson

Donator title

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I would like to see different tiers of donation, we all have the same title and thats "Donator".

You achieve this "rank" asap you donate more than 100€ +

I am one of the people that have been donating over 300€ (Close to 400 if i am not wrong) and i am sure that there are other people that have either paid the same or even more.

My suggestion is that there are more tiers of donator title like 100 euro title, 200 euro title, 300 euro title etc. 

Effect would be like different colors or something not bigger/better benefits or some shit.


A. Johnson

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I like this idea. It would encourage more donations and gives larger donors something obtainable after the initial €100 "Donator" title. 

I'd say keep the usergroups exactly the same and even the benefits on the server but maybe introduce a tier system. Donator I - V for example. I guess if there's good ideas for extra benefits for those donors in a higher tier there could be extra benefits. 

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