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A little feedback on your registration system

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I found your server today, back in the day I was active on San Andreas Multiplayer Roleplay servers and I also scripted and ran one at one point, so I got pretty excited when I found out there's a Roleplay community for GTA V.

I went through the registration process and found out it ends with an application process with manual reviewing. Fair enough, I submitted an application and assumed it would be approved within a few minutes as one could expect from such a large community.

Unfortunately it seems the admins don't have enough time to go through applications (and I don't blame them, it's a lot of hassle) which means I've now waited several hours for my application to be approved. That is pretty discouraging and I think that process scares a lot of potential players off.

Of course it helps get rid of those who aren't interested in playing seriously, but I think that quiz with the automatic response validation would be enough to ensure the quality of new players.

Just a little feedback from a newbie 🙂

Your server looks pretty interesting so I think I'll stick around.

TL;DR: Wanted to play RP, got discouraged by the waiting time 😕

EDIT: By the way is there any way I can check if my application is approved other than logging into the game?

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good evening ceathor, you do not have to be ingame in order to have your application approve, you are also notified per email if you have been approved or denied, one of the big reason why the application is also ingame? so that we know you are on the pc and using a original copy of gta 5, hopefully that makes alot of sense, imagine the admins would be reviewing 10 times more players who later find out they anyway canot play the game to begin with. therefore it is rather better for the application to be ingame, all you're losing is time ^^ and if you're patient than patience will be well paid off. At the moment the ammount of players trying to get in and the ammount of applications going through it just takes a bit longer than ussually and we do apologize for your experience with  that.

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