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Jimmy Pegorino

Tow truck police Siren bug

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Date and time (provide timezone):  18/07/2018 13.00 GMT

Character name:  Jimmy Pegorino

Issue/bug you are reporting: Tow Lights Emits Police Siren

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

Recently I’ve noticed that when you put your working tow truck lights it emits a siren like what the police use, Could this be sorted ASAP please.

@Osvaldon Sorry for tagging you but could you look in to it please 

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This issue also occurs for all Bayview employees, let me elaborate:

You yourself hear nothing. You don't even hear a honk when you toggle the lights (which other people do).

When other people are one or two streets away from you, they hear a distant police siren. When you get closer, the sound goes away, as far as I know.

This will happen 80 to 100% of the time when you have the overhead lights on. I'm not sure on the distances, but it's been there for at least two months now.

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