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Pistol Pete

Rental car randomly disappears

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Date and time (provide timezone): N/A

Character name: N/A

Issue/bug you are reporting: Rental car randomly disappears 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

I've experienced this 3 times since joining 2 days ago so it's not common but it is super annoying when you're in the middle of no where so wanted to make sure it's logged.

I captured the issue here -


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2 minutes ago, Stimo said:

Why is your HUD in the middle of the screen?!! You playing on iPad resolution?

Haha, it's some bug with safe mode on GTA I think. My game doesn't actually look that low res and with the HUD centre of screen. Just what the screen capture sees I guess :D

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1 hour ago, Osvaldon said:

Have you spawned the vehicle yourself or found it spawned by another player?

In all instances it's been when I've spawned the rentals myself. However, a friend reported it happening to him so it's definitely not just me. I've never got in someone else's that disappeared but they disappear fairly quickly after spawning (but enough to get some distance and be an annoyance) so I'd say there's been no chance for them to be abandoned before I can enter one that's spawned by another player.

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On 7/8/2018 at 1:46 PM, Osvaldon said:

Changes were made that might or might not fix this issue. Could anyone confirm whether the bug is still reproducible (only valid if you're the owner of the CityBee vehicle).

Ever since the change I only had one rental car that exceeded the expected limit and the vehicle did not disappear. 

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