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11 hours ago, JackD248 said:

Love the idea could be an awesome new job and it would give PD additional RP aswel for people who hunt without a "hunting licence" which could be added


100% +1

Or exceeding hunting limits :p

I'd love to go out in the Park Ranger truck looking at illegal hunters.

Not to mention this would be an awesome social pass time and a way for people to interact.

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Or be a Park Ranger and hunt the hunters?

I am not too keen on NPC's...Lagg? It is also a fair amount of work to program AI. Maybe in the future? I was on GTA Online and felt more at home with all the hustle and bustle but then again no interaction.

Forgot I posted here !

I am an avid hunter too per se but on a server like this, I dont see the RP advantage; besides I like animals.

I used to hunt deer; saw an albino once; let 'em be ...

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