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MURDER.INC "Hitman Service"

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Welcome to MURDER.INC. A secret organisation that is dedicated to do your dark biddings,

  1. -Want someone dead? ---- We kill anyone for the right price! Even police officers and gang leaders.
  2. -Want someone kidnapped? ---- We can seize anyone for you, if the price is right.
  3. -You will remain anonymous. ---- Both your name and the details regarding your request will remain confidential.
  4. -Contracts will always be completed! ---- If one of our hitmen fail, we will assign a new one to ensure the task is completed. The contract will remain active until completion.
  5. -50% payment up front. ---- This is to prepare ourselves for the contract with the necessary supply's and  to finance the salary of hitmen.
  6. -Evidence of completion of a contract. ---- Evidence will always be given upon completion of a contract in the form of a video, sent to your private email. ((Discord or Forums))


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