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Allience factions ((OOC)) chat.

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Some criminal factions have multiple alliences who share the same radio. But what if you need to OOC over long distance with someone from that other faction?

I would recommand a shared alliances OOC chat. Examples for commands:






You get what I mean. sometimes stuff happens that requere OOC. But what if that person is noware to be found?

This will make it so less server rules are broken or even corrected my other members. Basilcly the same concept as /f for OOC but then for ally factions aswell.

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5 hours ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

I am in the irish. And this is not true. Please do not try to start shit here. Keep that shit IC. Out of the game we are all just gamers

So you don't use discord to talk OOC? is it all IC in your discord?

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