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Reconnect to the server command

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Hi, seeing as the rageMP F1 menu doesn't allow you to reconnect multiple times, I thought it could be handy to add a command or something similar that would reconnect us to the IP.

This could be usefull to fix VOIP, change character, fix cars exploding client-side only etc.


Suggested usage:

popup window: Would you like to reconnect to the server? Yes/No

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+1 this is so crucial at this point in time due to frequent VOIP failure and having to restart my game every other time because the rage client doesn't let me reconnect more than once is really frustrating. Especially if your mechanic and when a customer comes in and all you hear is robocop or Darth Vader.

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On 6/4/2018 at 12:48 AM, HighJack said:

Yeah this would be awesome. But I think that future lies with RageMP itself. But we’ll see if they can implement one. 

Actually spoke to George from rage about it and he said they won't implement it because it's a server issue


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