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Life Invader - Bug with editing 'Profile' - "first name can't be changed"

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Date and time (provide timezone):   Past two weeks (UTC-7)

Character name: Austin Ellison

Issue/bug you are reporting: Life Invader bug

Expected behavior:  Ability to add detail to finish profile

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

I seem unable to add my bio, or any additional information to my profile in Life Invader.  An error message appears any time I click 'Save Changes' stating, "First name can't be changed," even though I never touched that field.

I've tried multiple iterations of leaving the name field alone, clearing the field, capitalizing the field, but any attempt to add my bio results in that error.

Is Life Invader officially buried/dead?  Any suggestions for getting around this?


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Date and time (provide timezone):  5/18/2021 -- 6:11am CST

Character name:  Ezekial Diablo

Issue/bug you are reporting:  When attempting to edit any info on Life Invader it's giving an error of "Can't change first name" - Mainly happens in the section regarding relationship status, first name, last name, etc.

Expected behavior:  When attempting to edit the info it should only take into account the info you are indeed trying to edit. I have tried changing relationship status or the biography portion or even where I work and the error pops up every time. As far as I know other people are having the same issue. Life Invader from what I know was a pretty big project for you guys and this sort of issue could frustrate many people, hope its easily fixed.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

Vehicle license plate number*

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Happens with every user I've asked to try it including myself. Reproduced in-game, in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge(including private browsing on all), as well as Safari on my iPhone in both normal and private browsing mode.

This bug started occurring around the time the /banli and /unbanli commands were tweaked.

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