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James Gill

Blaine County Bandits.

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Blaine County Bandits

The Rednecks of Sandy Shores.


Guns, drugs and alcohol mixed with a pinch of dust, diesel and a spartan living. These hardcore rednecks present nothing but a healthy attitude to life and its marvelous adventures. The southern inspired boys and girls ride hard with their big trucks and menacing bikes honoring the confederate south once lost glory. The forming of the bandits was not a trivial thing. Neglected by society and harassed by the law the few stragglers that remained formed the group now called Blaine County Bandits.






The Bandits are always looking for new blood to join their cause. But it is not an easy life. Law enforcement agencies are relentless in their pursuit of putting these elusive men and women behind bars. It is the duty of everyone in the group to secure the future and sustainability of the bandits and to always prioritize its success. Loyalty and respect amongst one another is crucial and to uphold the standards of their impeccable reputation.


As fearless in life as in death, do not falter in the face of danger, meet the challenge with a furious smile.


“May the South Rise Again!“


Reach out and find out more on how to become a Bandit yourself.


Call In-game or Ask for:


Walker Davis



Willy Whiplash



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