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 (工藤會, Kudō-kai)


The Backstory

         Sherlock Dang first flew into the city with no connections. Noticing a lack of Asian culture and influence in the city of Los Santos he had trouble finding a place to fit in. Roaming the streets and working hard to create a name for himself he found himself falling in with an organization known as the Crimson Syndicate. That feeling of being alone pushed him to succeed within the organization and fueled his drive to want what he never truly was able to find.. Family. He used his time with the Crimson Syndicate to create and grow bonds and respect between himself and respected members of the city. Gaining knowledge and skills he would use to create relationships with people of power in other organizations. After an extended period calling the Crimsons his own he came to a turning point in his life and decided to reach out to some lost connections from back home. With the rapport he had built he was granted authorization to establish a chapter of an infamous organization from his homeland. The Kudo-Kai. Separating with the only family he had known within the city was a hard pill to swallow but he knew that his destiny was with his people. Gathering his closest friends, Allies, and business associates he extended an invitation to a new family. A family bound by respect, Honor, and perseverance. The Yakuza group authorized him to begin operations within the city of Los Santos. With a new start came a new title in the form of a prestigious Yakuza name bound to the Kudo-Kai for decades by the blood, sweat and tears of its loyal members. Sherlock Suzuki had a message to spread and a destiny to fulfill, bound and entrusted to him through the Yakuza organization. Actions have always spoken louder than words and he intends to make this echo true. The Kudo-Kai have arrived in Los Santos




The main decision maker. Oversees family operations and ensures everything runs smoothly. Builds and maintains relationships with other organizations. 
Also tries to build up a good reputation for KUDO-KAI

ADVISOR (Adobaizā)

The bosses right hand man. Helps the boss with keeping up relations, and watches all members to make sure they are following our code as well as, planning events with the family boss.

 Everyone should be able to run ideas or concerns to the advisor, before going to the boss. Has as much knowledge as the boss .


The shot caller. The first lieutenant should manage the day to day operations by managing lower lieutenant, big brother, and the little brother. The first lieutenant will also manage by aiding in what jobs to do within the city. 


The second lieutenants have the ability to recruit, who they think will fit well into the family. There job is to make sure that the older brother and little brothers are able to keep a higher standard for Kudo-Kai


Backbone of the operation. Robbing stores, selling goods, chopping cars, and various street level crimes to keep the money flowing in and building the gangs Rep and money. They represent the family in the city.  


 Trials. Ensure they are a good fit for the family. Aid's big brothers in day to day crimes and operations. Learning the ropes of the family. Little to no power within the family. 

They would be put to work, shedding blood, sweat and tears.



- Establish a presence in Los Santos, being recognized by other groups throughout the city 

- Find a HQ, to host ceremonies and meetings with the family

- Gaining Cartel influence for guns and drugs to supply the public

- Expand influences into the city of Los Santos

- Build diplomatic relationship with other organizations and expand on territory



- Have a clear and through knowledge of all ECRP rules and regulations
- Maintain a high standard of RP within the server between other players, and keep
every interaction IC 
- Zero tolerance OOC toxicity towards anyone
- Regular admin log checks to ensure good standing
- At least 75k EXP within the city



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It was a dark night, when Sherlock Suzuki was cruising the streets of Los Santos . Sherlock would  clear and get lost in his own thoughts. Kudo-Kai needs revenue, We need weapons for protection and a place to call our home even if it's not glamorous it has to be soon. As Sherlock passed through the bright lights coming from apartment buildings, he noticed stores are everywhere and most of them are loaded with overpriced junk across Los Santos.  Sherlock rips his phone from his pocket and immediately called Con and Jamal 

“Stores! Boys it's simple. It's something we have done a hundred times. It's been sitting right in front of our faces.”

They both laughed, but under that casual laugh was a sigh of relief. People gave up everything they had to take a chance on Kudo-Kai. Sherlock hit his radio and told everyone he needed them to be in mirror park in 15 minutes. As he let go of the clutch on his bike and felt the wheels grab traction onto the pavement, he had purpose and felt as free as ever.. all that left was the execution.


As Sherlock let go of the clutch on his bike and felt the wheels grab traction onto the pavement, he had purpose and felt as free as ever.. All that was needed was the execution. A beautiful sight to see for an organization so fresh. Sherlock pulls up to a pump as he looks around he sees Kudo-Kai members: soldiers waiting for a plan of attack. He cleared his throat, spoke loudly, and with affirmation in his voice said...

“ Today we are going to take everything we can and give nothing back”

The plan was simple: get in; get out; as quickly as possible. We set up lookouts at prime areas to check for cops. Before the clerk could even finish his greeting, the pistols were in our hands. We could see the fear enter into the clerks eyes as his hands went up and the cash drawer opened.




As we strained our ears to listen for any sound of an engine or a siren in the distance, but all that was heard was the sound of bags rustling and filling with cash. Con yelled,

"It’s empty and let’s get out of here!"

We rush out of the store, glancing in every direction, as we start the ignition making sure to account for all of our members. Engines roared and tires squealed as we rode off from our first successful robbery together. We did not stop though the night, going from store to store. As the sun began to rise, Kudo-Kai met at an undisclosed meeting spot to count all the money they got. Money finally started to fill all our pockets, and we were able to invest into our future. And invest we did.


To be continued...



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 After Sherlock Suzuki, the leader of Kudo-Kai, established the ways in which his organization could continue to profit. He set his sights on finding recognition within the city. Sherlock wanted to make sure Kudo-Kai stayed out of any current conflicts while they built up contacts, savings, and property. However getting contacts in the city isn’t as easy as one would think. 

Sherlock knew it would take diplomacy and tactfulness to form the relationships he needed to keep Kudo-Kai strong.  Luckily, he had an old friend he knew named Adam Stokes. At the time, Adam was the leader of the Lost MC, and Sherlock knew having someone like that on his side would be paramount for Kudo-Kais future. You see, the Lost MC has access to guns, drugs, and shipments, which could expand the way Kudo-Kai operates within the city and how it makes money. 

Sherlock made the call to Adam… ring… ring… ring… finally Adam picked up and Sherlock heard the familiar voice say “What’s up Shirley?” and with a smile on his face he told Adam of his plans for a reunion. Adam agreed, and Sherlock waited excitedly to see what this new relationship could hold for Kudo-Kai.


A few days later, the meet was set. Sherlock and Fez  went to meet the Lost MC at Stab City. Sherlock knew even the small things were important as both groups began with introductions. He held out his hand to firmly shake each Lost MC high command member's hand and introduced himself. He was nervous at first, but the conversation soon felt like a bunch of old friends getting together after a long time apart.

After some friendly chatting, they got down to business. Lost MC explained how they were in the business of selling guns, cooking items and supplies, and ammo; Sherlock explained how Kudo-Kai has been profiting from their new form of industry: robbing stores. Eventually they discussed how Kudo Kai would provide the cash, while the Lost MC would provide the guns and ammunition. Both parties agreed to the terms, shaking on it, and parting ways with well wishes for each other's future. 


In the upcoming days, Kudo Kai needed to get together and meet as many groups as they could. Sherlock knew from past experience that politics are everything to survive, especially if you’re the new kid on the block. He knew in order to prevent becoming enemies with everyone he had to establish a relationship of neutrality with all gangs. 


Sherlock reached out to LFM, Irish, Goblins, and Azteca. To no one's surprise, each meeting began with the same question: “Who would they be siding with?” The answer was always the same: “We are staying neutral to focus on money and the well being of Kudo Kai,” after some time each group agreed that would be for the best.


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Peter Chao’s Backstory



I came into the city looking to make money for my family back home in China. I looked around for jobs that would help me make money as fast as possible, as I did not even have funds to have a place to call home. I was driving around until I had met a man named “Vladmir Petrinkov” and he showed me how to make money, as a criminal. I very quickly fell into the criminal life, and have loved the friends I have made ever since. He had told me about the gang that he was affiliated with, “The Reapers”, and I tried my best to show my worth and be part of his family. Soon enough, I had been accepted into his family, and was now a “Trial” for the “The Reapers”. Things were going smoothly, I had made some new friends, made money, and got a promotion, but all of it did not last long. We had a meet and greet with the Council, but it was cut short due to cops being called.




Soon, the gang “Zetas” disbanded, and two organizations named “Murdablock” and “Dojin Kai” saw it as an advantage and decided to go to war with the “Council” which consisted of “Aztecas” and “Triads”. “The Reapers” had to choose a side, and it was difficult as “Murdablock” had a property that we wanted. We decided to take a vote, and we decided to side with “Murdablock” and “Dojin Kai” against the council, and on the first day of the war, huge shootouts were happening throughout the city. After the first day, we had decided that this war was not for us, and we had backed out and informed the Council that we were not their enemies and it was not our war to fight, and they fully understood everything, and let us off the hook. Very quickly, the war had ended and the Council had won, and “The Reapers” were glad that they had backed out. Soon another organization had formed called “Daichead Gadai” and we had gone to war, as they wanted to fight for the color green. In the beginning, the war was very even, we won fights, they won fights, but a couple weeks later, the leaders gathered everyone up and had decided to disband “The Reapers” due to their own personal reasons. This was heartbreaking news to me, and that was when I had lost my first family.



After I had lost my first family, I was lost for a bit. I did not know what to do, and had no drive to come into the city. It was a normal day, and I was just browsing through high end, and ran into an old friend that I used to know. Pretty soon myself and his friends started rolling together, and just started looking for trouble. Soon he told me that the gang “Crimson Syndicate” was starting back up and were looking to recruit more people. Me and my friend met up with a man named “John Corsetti” and a few others, and discussed our past and what he was looking for in new recruits. Very quickly, we had become trusted members of the gang, and was instantly put into the rank of “Right Hand Man” as we were part of the few that were helping the gang start off again. As quickly as we became trusted members, the gang met trouble instantly, and another gang named “The Deltas” disrespected us on multiple occasions, and from that, we began killing many of their members, and we dealt with the problem instantly. I was glad to have found a new family and people who knew how to hold their own. As the weeks progressed, we met problems and had dealt with them until an organization named “Ash’s Crew” formed, and were hitting nearly all the gangs. We defended ourselves against them multiple times, but failed to take them out. This was not all bad as this showed that we were on the side of the “Aztecas” and “Triads”, but soon the “Triads” accused us of helping “Ash’s Crew” and began hitting us. We were all confused and angry why, but as much as we tried to convince them that we weren’t they did not believe us. I began to see multiple problems in the gang, and decided that this gang was just not for me. I had truly felt that things were just going south and problems just kept stirring up, so I had decided to part ways from the “Crimson Syndicate” and just go solo.



As I left the “Crimson Syndicate” a war had broken about between “Aztecas”, “Gangster Disciples”, “La Familia Michoacana”, and “More blood” against “Triads” and “Daichead Gadai”. I had met up with an old friend who I had met in my first days in the city, “Vladmir Petrinkov”. He told me about “More Blood” and asked if I would like to join. I hesitantly said yes, as I did not want to experience losing another family, but from the outside, I saw that “More Blood” was doing very well for themselves. I had met with one of the leaders, and they decided that if Vlad was able to vouch for me then I am trusted, and they had known me back when I was with “The Reapers”. When I was first introduced to everyone, I instantly fell in love with the gang, everyone was very nice, and I made many new friends in the process. When I had joined “More Blood” the war had died down, and the “Triads” had disbanded. A new group had formed named “TRCC” and began to hit nearly every gang in the city. I who was now apart of “More Blood” had to help fight against this new group, and the fights kept going for weeks, and even months. “TRCC” allied up with “FSO” and “Daichead Gadai” as we had a meeting with “FSO” and it ended with them walking away from it, and “Daichead Gadai” was already fighting us so it just made sense for them to all ally up. 



As the war progressed to the middle of December, More Blood disbanded, and multiple ex-members joined other gangs, and the rest of us decided to just stay as a group and help out with the war. After another week of fighting in the war, I decided to just take a break from the city, as I was just very tired from fighting all the time.



After taking a long break from the city, and just coming back in from time to time, an old friend named “Sherlock Dang”, called me up and discussed starting a new gang. I liked the idea, but still really had no drive to come into the city. As I was out of the city a lot, Sherlock started the gang up with the help of a few other people, and decided to put me into the position of 2nd in command. I still really had no drive to come into the city, but I flew in one day, just to check out how things are going, and I noticed that the new gang was actually doing really well. I decided to stick around to see how they operated, and was really impressed with their efficiency with things, and how people handled themselves. Finding this out, I found a new drive to come into the city, and I truly believe that this gang has great potential. There are still little problems in the gang, which all gangs usually have, but I am certain that we would be able to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. 

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Kudo-Kai had been making money: the plans were set and executed. Each store they robbed only added to their total, but Sherlock Suzuki wasn’t satisfied. He felt it was time for another meeting: One of Kudo-Kai’s first. He and his High Command called everyone to gather at the very top floor of a parking garage away from the crowded streets of the city below. As he sat there on the back of his motorcycle, looking out he could hear the rumble of cars approach.

 Tire screeches and engine roars echoed from below as each member of Kudo-Kai showed up to the meeting. High Command began to address the flaws and changes that could be made, as well as all the good that has been seen since the group started. Sherlock's asked an old friend, Vlad who was with Aztecas, to come and give some advice since he has had more experience and been in the city for quite some time, so his words would help us in the future. He explained how to improve ourselves as a whole. At the end of the meeting, morale was high and everyone dispersed to get back to work.


In the days following Kudo-Kai hit stores nonstop in order to get the gang financials up, making sure everyone would be supplied with guns. Sherlock went and called up a friend from Rooks to help move all the stolen cash and build a better relationship between the two. Frankie V introduced him to his contact. Hoping that through these interactions Kudo-Kai and Rooks can maintain a healthy relationship.


 It was our off day, where we got to relax. Earlier that day Sherlock had saved an injured Lost MC member lying on the ground after a car accident. He was thankful and handed Sherlock his number. While riding around the city Kudo Kai members spotted several cars just lying around and could not pass up the opportunities to get in them and make quick cash. He remembered the Lost member number and gave him a ring for some cars to scrap up; they agreed and met up in Stab City to make a deal.



As a new boss, Sherlock lacked experience compared to many other organization bosses who have been around. He called a friend up, Alicia from Aztecas, and asked if they could meet. Sherlock rushed up to the Church and soon after Alicia arrived. He explained to her his situation and she smiled and calmly gave him words of wisdom to help move forward and prosper.  



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It was a calm night when Kudo-Kai decided to do what had become their usual routine of hitting stores for packed cash. The evening was quiet, a little more quiet than usual, but no one paid it any mind. Typically one would hear sirens wailing in the distance as they exited the stores, yet this time, each store they went to, Kudo-Kai was able to clean out all of the cash and make their escape without a trace. That night everyone was all hands on deck. The last store Kudo-Kai had hit was located  on Route 68, by the Fleeca Bank. As the lookouts heard sirens in the distance, everyone rushed to the back of the store to hide before the cops showed up to catch them in the act. However, luck was on their side as they spotted a vehicle speeding past them with several police cruisers in tow. 



At this moment Peter, the Advisor of Kudo-Kai, suggested something that would change the future of the gang. Standing next to the fleeca bank, Peter radioed to all that as a group they must gather these items: lockpicks, two bolt cutters, and a drill. Everyone quickly scattered and went to grab each of their assigned items. The next thing he said next was “Grab your bikes”. Kudo-Kai, being a Japanese gang, had become very fond of riding sporty motorcycles. They all gathered quickly and quietly at a location that was not too far from the bank. Peter laid out the parts for each individual and drew up the layout of the bank. He explained each assignment and told them the plan: first the tellers, then the door, drill the safe, and finally grab the cash. Kudo-Kai set up its two look outs on each end of the highway, who watched and radioed for any vehicles or sirens that were seen or heard. Confident in their roles, each member mounted up on their bikes and headed towards the back of the bank.


Everyone was in position with bikes hidden in the back of the bank. They filed quickly and stealthily in through the doors. Guns were drawn as the hands of the tellers flung to the ceiling. No alarms were set off yet and no officers in sight, it appeared that things were going smoothly. People were not as nervous due to the expert guidance of high command. They stood patiently as the drill pushed through the metal door... but nothing ever goes as planned. An ear piercing *RIIINNG* filled the quiet night as the doors swung open and the alarms went off. Despite the noise, everyone kept their cool and stayed focused as they surrounded the table filled with cash. Their pockets grew with the amount of cash they grabbed from the safes. Even though the alarm was still ringing in the back, the coast was clear; there were no cops insight. The table was empty, Kudo-Kai was out the door, and driving off into the distance. They meet up at their usual spot to count all the cash they had gotten and celebrate a job well done. Their first bank heist was over and extremely successful. 


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