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  1. Player(s) being reported: 267, 145 Date of interaction reported: 12/04/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1618279021 Your character name: Jamal Suzuki Other player(s) involved: 6ix7even Irish Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) I am reporting ID 145, 267 for bug abuse and NRP actions due to himself crouch walking and shifting in order to give himself a significant advantage in the gun figh
  2. Jamal Suzuki here I would like to thanks Doan for taking this report. I do not have POV because I was never informed to save it. I arrived at the butchers chop and I seen them chopping a car and I also seen 3 of them with suppressed .50's so I called backup on the radio to butchers chop knowing we had more numbers and could get the money from their chop and take the .50's once they saw me they got in their car and I followed them because I had seen them at multiple chops throughout the night so there was a chance that they could have had a good amount of cash on them. After following them
  3. Jamal Suzuki here, first off I would like to say thanks to Riderz and RogueK for taking the report. I do not have POV of this because I was never told to save it, At the start 2 of my follow gang members, one being the leader the other being high command, were being chased by SD and then it was called out on radio that they had stalled at Chumash plaza. Both were heavily armed with AK's and body armor as well as being high value members to the gang I wanted to assess the situation to see if there was anyway to save them from imprisonment. That's when I saw the opportunity to snatch one o
  4. Jamal Suzuki here first off thanks to the admins for taking this report! My relations to the people is Peter Chao is in the gang I am in and also Joe phelps is in goblins which is one of our very close allies and also a very close friend. We were there to make sure Joe did not get hurt or anything happen to him.
  5. Jamal Suzuki here (Speaking on behalf of Kudo Kai) first off I would like to thanks Jellay and vuki for taking the report!! Prior to our fight a chili we were having a HC meeting with goblins at a warehouse behind poleto high end to talk about our future relations people that were at the meeting were me Clayton carter from kudo and Marco Sierra, Johnny Crazy, Abilio Fresh from goblins while all other goblins were outside waiting for our meeting to finish. During our meeting with goblins it was stopped due to a bike being picked at chili so I got in a car with goblins and decided to head
  6. Hi Jamal Fluharty here, I wasn't driving the rebla we were waiting for more back up to show up and since then we decided to leave we weren't in the area for to long and the moment we did see someone we immediately tried to leave, and then when we were leaving the rebla tried to run us down and immediately jumped out and starting shooting. No demand were given near powerplant.
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