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Daichead Gadaí

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Upon arriving in Los Santos, a lot was going on at the time. Multiple groups such as Vikings, Narcos, Bratva, and Syndicate were the leading names and people who ‘controlled’ the city.  There was a significant presence from all of these groups at the time, with constant chaos throughout the city. One of Collie’s first friends within Los Santos would have been David Black, aka Gaius, who was also Irish, so the bond between him and Collie was instant.




Collie & David started getting to know each other speaking of their past lives and general plans, Gaius had a strong past in factions and multiple MCs. He was also an experienced and intelligent businessman forming Gael Force Shipping which was used as a legal front for illegally importing guns, drugs along with illegal betting and loan sharking.
Shortly after meeting with Collie and contacting old members of different factions and businesses, the Los Santos Irish Mob started again. The objectives were clear, and business started quite fast, taking over territory owned by ‘The Vikings’ and ‘Los Santos Angels of Death.’ The leader of the Vikings, Stephen Patronus, was highly interested in the mob in which case he handed over the   Collie quickly started progressing through the ranks of the Mob carrying out hits, house raids, and just general diplomacy.



The first group that the mob met with was the ‘Shadow Cartel.’ Their name being self-explanatory. Some old friends of Gaius known as Benny Fazio, Jamal Debose, Silas Debose, who were running ‘The Clowns.’ Along with friends of Stephen Patronus, La Familia started an earlier relationship with the mob.  During this time, we had a light alliance with Narcos, but as they began to fight with the clowns, a few members of the mob helped the clowns fight them. After the majority of the fight was over, a new group was formed due to the poor leadership of Narcos. This group was Los Zetas, lead by Jay Gamble, Ryan Bando, Flint Capone, Jon Purminelli, and Thraxamillian Reeves. There was a minor relationship between the mob and Gamble before this, which came more into place with the rise of Los Zetas.  Shortly down the line, these five groups formed what is known as ‘The Council.’



'The Downfall of the Irish Mob'

The Irish were making reliable decisions for quite a while, moving their presence to Mirror Park for a more “like home” feeling. They had purchased the tavern, setting up a pub. Roughly around this time is when the issues started. A lot of old faces of the mob and high ranking members were hanging up their boots, heading back home, and living out their lives there. These actions created a large hole in the mob, especially with the ranking system. There were ups and downs with trust, and members started losing a lot of interest. At this point, it was decided to recruit more members and not be as strict as we ever were, which ultimately caused the downfall of the mob.




Collie was making decisions as there was no one else around to do so, and then there would be reversed by others, and after this carried on, Collie took it into his own hands and left the mob. The Irish Mob was delegated down to multiple other people in which it continued to fail. 




As Collie had planned to leave the mob, he had become very friendly with Los Zetas at the time. There was a lot of respect in place due to large gun deals being completed between Collie and Jay Gamble throughout the years. After the news had been spread that Collie had left the mob, the Los Zetas had reached out to him, ensuring that he was welcome to join their family if he was interested and whenever he was ready.




After some time, it wasn’t long until he took this offer, he was promised from the start that he would be delated some power from the beginning, quickly earning the rank of Captain with Los Zetas. Los Zetas had rapidly made their spot at the top, proving themselves to everyone in the city, with being said, is one of the main reasons that he was happy to take this position within Los Zetas. Collie was a member of Los Zetas until they disbanded with some minor implications during the middle of it all. 




During the last war that was fought with Los Zetas, it created a lot of opportunities. Collie was spending time watching over the prisoners we have from both West Coast Assassins and Dojin-Koi. One of these prisoners was Stephen Joyce, the current underboss of Daichead Gadaí and this was the beginning. 

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Steamboat beers is a medium-sized pub located in the Vespucci area and was purchased around the end of July by Collie. Collie had then reached out to the Purmineli’s to begin building it, which started around the second week in August and lasted for about two weeks. They had discussed, planned, and mapped what they wanted to do with the property and renovations began promptly. It wasn’t long until the property started to take shape and began to look like an authentic Irish pub. Members of the Daichead Gadaí were pleased with its progress.



When Steamboat was finally finished and almost ready to open, there were some finishing touches to be done along with planning the night. A lot of alcohol was required for opening so Collie reached out to an old friend Kelly Gamble as their supplier for the evening since she owned a general store. Their friendship went way back, so she was able to do it at a discounted price for him and wished him luck on the event and new business.




'Grand Opening'
Some members of the Daichead Gadaí were given roles the day before in preparation for the opening evening. They volunteered their time in manning the bar, DJ booth, and doors and were trusted with making sure the evening ran smoothly. As the opening time neared, posters were publicised, Weazel advertisements were announced,  and a blip was fixed to its location on the map for others to find. Collie had also texted some old friends informing them of the event and that they were welcome. Along with this, he had reached out to the leaders of some organizations informing them that they were welcome and that the event would be for socializing and putting any current issues to the side.One of the groups that showed up was Albany. Admittedly, the history between the two groups was not the greatest, but roughly around 15 of them showed up and enjoyed themselves despite current tensions.




A large presence was noticed in the Vespucci area about half an hour prior to the formal opening time. People were waiting for doors to open and detectives began scoping the area out, who were kindly invited inside to see the inside of the property.




The event started shortly after and security took lead at the door to ensure that people were queued in an orderly fashion. Upon approaching the door everyone was ID’d and patted down to ensure no one was armed. There was an entry fee of a small sum of cash that didn’t create a fuss thankfully. It wasn’t long until the pub began to have a decent presence of people inside. There was a wide range of people inside, from government workers to criminal groups creating great socialisation for the community. Roughly an hour into the event, Collie was approached by Jason Steel, a well-known detective within the Police Department. Collie made it known that no issues were wanted and they could enter Steamboat as long as they only carried tasers. They were tracing a warrant on MacKenzie Wong, Bruce Wong’s wife. She came out peacefully and it distracted everyone for a short period of time, but it wasn’t long until people returned inside to continue dancing and drinking. 




Jaymes McClean was the DJ for the event, putting on a great show with a lot of enthusiasm throughout. He was interactive with the crowd and later into the night was taking song requests. The area in front of the stage was bouncing all night along with Jaymes himself. 




Towards the end of the night, a few old friends asked Collie to speak in private about the upcoming business within Los Santos which was a pretty lengthy and detailed meeting, which brought nothing but good news and created a lot of hope in the short future. Shortly after the meeting was over, it was closing time. Although the bar closed and drinks were no longer being served, McClean continued to entertain the crowd for the rest of the evening. Eventually, everyone slowly started moving out and commemorated the members for a successful evening. Everyone who was working stayed behind to hand over the cash to total the profit made, which was then distributed between the workers.


This was the start of something new for Daichead Gadaí...



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A new beginning, with old friends.


Stephen grew up in a small farming village located in central Ireland where not much happened., It was a peaceful place, secluded from most things and for the most part, Stephen enjoyed living there. However, it felt like something was missing from his life there. Life was almost… boring. His life consisted of the same, mundane things, over and over; waking up early, working a 12 hour shift, getting home and sleeping for the next day's work. Stephen was getting tired of the repetition. It was at this point that he hit up his old friends, Dara and Isaac. He proposed to them an idea, which was to pack everything up and move to Los Santos. At first they thought he was mad for even thinking this, but after a few days, they started to reconsider the idea and eventually agreed to it. Later that week, the three were on a plane to Los Santos.


Upon arriving in Los Santos, life was tough for them. At the start, Stephen went back to his Irish routes and attempted a more simple life with a stress free job; farming. After a while, he started to realise it just wasn’t for him anymore. He had enough of the boring, generic lifestyle. He began questioning why he even bothered moving to Los Santos to just do the same shit as before? It was at this point in his life that he decided to enter the criminal life - a decision he would not end up regretting. 



The Green Berets


Stephen's first step into criminal life was “The Green Berets”. He reached out to Dara and Isaac once more, to form this Irish group, along with a few new friends they had met in Los Santos called Hugo, Reece, Goupy and Archie. With a big ego and big goals, Stephen set off with his boys, wearing and driving green. Of course, with wearing green, this brought the attention of the West Coast Assassins. They didn't appreciate them using what they considered “their colors”. Stephen was too new and naive at the time to understand the force of WCA, so he and his boys attempted to hold their ground and keep their colors. This didn’t last very long. After a few days of constant pressure from WCA, Stephen disbanded “The Green Berets” and started looking for something new.





One of the very first people Stephen met in Los Santos was a man called Renzo. Once The Green Berets disbanded, Stephen, along with Isaac and Dara, reached out to Renzo to see what he had in the works. It was at this stage when they were introduced to the Dojin-Kai. Stephen and his boys would be recruited into the Dojin-kai that day, starting from the very bottom. For the most part, life in Dojin-kai was a lot easier for Stephen. Time was spent building treasury and making a name for themselves in the city. Things were going great, they even managed to get together enough money to buy a new HQ called “The Koi”. This is when things started to take a turn for the worst.

“The WCA war.”

They entered a war with “WCA”, against “The Council”.  During this war, life was hectic and not something Stephen had ever experienced before. It was a consistent cycle of waking up, gearing up, and getting ready to fight. Fighting would last all day, every day. This went on for almost a month. Constant fighting, kidnapping, killing. It was draining for everyone, especially Stephen. Towards the end of the war, things were looking bad for Dojin-kai and WCA. Their numbers had been halved while the Council looked stronger than ever. In the last week of the war, Stephen got captured by the Triads and was held for 70 hours. He was released only after the war was over. WCA were forced to disband and Dojin-kai were forced to pay $1.5 million and 300 drugs a week. 

“The Taxes.”

Once war was over, Stephen was triple-promoted in Dojin and was tasked with setting up labs and leading the cook for the taxes. The first lab was set up in a Paleto property owned by Dojin-Kai. Things were going great, Cooking the taxes were not talking long. Stephen cooked so much at the start, They were 3 weeks ahead of tax payments and relations with the Council were going well. After a few weeks of smooth production, Stephen’s lab got raided by S.W.A.T after a member of Dojin-kai was spotted leaving the property with a shotgun on his back. This was a huge setback as completely demotivated Stephen to do anymore cooking. 


After a few setbacks with the council, Dojin came to a payment agreement with the Council and upheld the agreement for quite some time. Relations were building more and more between The Council and Dojin-Kai and things were heading in a great direction.

“The Zetas.”

The news started to spread with-in the city about The Zetas disbanding, Stephen didn’t expect this but knew straight away that this would be a bad thing for him and Dojin-Kai. If Zetas had no leadership to tell them otherwise, they would likely begin letting off steam and hitting almost every gang they could. This is exactly what they did, and this caused problems between Dojin-kai and The Council once more, leading to another war, This time it was Dojin-Kai x Murdablock vs Triads and Aztecas. This was a war that Stephen wanted to avoid but unfortunately, it happened and in the end destroyed the Dojin-kai.



Daichead Gadaí


After Stephen left Dojin-Kai, He had to think about what his options were. He didn’t want to walk into a pre-existing gang that already had power and money. He wanted to build something of his own. This is when he reached out to Collie Fegan as he knew this was something Collie was interested in doing. 


This is only the beginning of something great, to be continued...


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With word of the IRA reforming back at home, Stephen knew it was only a matter of time before an attempt to contact him would be made. Within a few weeks of Stephen first hearing about the IRA’s comeback, He received an anonymous text. This anonymous texter explained the current situation for the IRA. He explained how they were only in the early stages of their new cause and how they were poorly armed, only having access to the weapons that were left behind from the IRA’s last import in the 1990s. He explained how the IRA were in a bad need for a fresh import of weapons and that he had a ship coming to Los Santos for Stephen to stash the items on board before it headed to Belfast.



Stephen would begin packing up bags and crates with every weapon he could lay his hands on. 


They took the bags and the crate and headed for the SW DOCKS.


Upon arriving on time, The ship was there waiting, They got to work, quickly unloading the cargo from the van and boarding the ship.


Once they stashed the cargo onboard, they hopped off and Stephen let the anonymous texter know that the cargo was onroute to Belfast docks. 


This new partnership with the IRA would not only help the cause back home, but it would help fund Daichead Gadaí’s journey in Los Santos.

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After the end of the WCA war and the failed attempt at a war when word of Zetas disbanding got around, Isaac Collins, Stephen Joyce and Dara MacFadden decided to leave Dojin-Kai together…. The same way they had arrived, they would leave. 


Immediately Daichead Gadai was formed with Collie Fegan as the Boss and Stephen Joyce as the underboss. After a while we had acquired a property and with growing numbers developed good relations with the Council and started working on getting drops. After waiting for Stephen to get out of DOC, the 3 lads met up at Zeta Store to discuss what we were looking to order. Isaac Collins was looking for any sort of ammunition to add to his stockpile of weaponry, while Dara MacFadden was looking specifically for SMG ammunition. Stephen Joyce on the other hand initially was keen on some Lysergic Acid, but ended up opting for .50 rounds.


After the discussion had taken place Stephen got in contact with a high ranking member of the Triads, as Daichead Gadai’s relations with the Triads was in quite good standing. The contents of the order were double checked and the amounts were confirmed. Once the money had been paid the location and time of our drop would be given. 


The 3 lads headed into the bank where MacFadden and Collins gave Joyce their cut in the purchase, with MacFadden and Collins splitting the SMG rounds while Joyce would be taking the .50 ammunition. The money was sent, now for the time and the place.


The drop location was Grapeseed Pier, and they began grouping up at Meow Meow Gas, but as they arrived in the area they spotted multiple Rooks drags and a 3 man Kamacho. They dispersed momentarily to throw the Rooks off the drop and with just minutes to go before the drop would arrive, SD and SWAT were seen circling Grapeseed Pier. They knew this was gonna be a problem as immediately SD Units began to try and pull Drags over. Daichead Gadai were unsure of whether it was a freak coincidence or the drop was fully compromised by SD and SWAT. Shots started ringing off from SD in the direction of Tony Kong of the Triads, and in an attempt to lure them away Dara MacFadden and Darragh Curtins decided to evade from SD in a Kamacho with just seconds before the drops arrival. It somehow worked, and all the SD and SWAT units were led on an enormous chase by the Kamacho, while the Daichead Gadai, Triads, Aztecas and GD swooped on the drop and loaded the crates of ammunition into multiple vehicles. The crates were brought to two discreet locations and the contents were checked by Collins, making sure everything was accounted for, and it was. 



While the drop somehow ended up going smoothly, MacFadden and Curtins had taken the hit for it, and were caught by SWAT, SD and PD after a long chase up and down the East Highway. It was worth it for MacFadden to save the investment he had put into the drop itself.


Collins quickly had someone cover his stash house and secured the SMG and .50 rounds in one of his safes. It would be the first of many scenarios of it’s kind.



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