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Are rules just being made up?

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A senior support member(CuteBullet) just told US on Discord, that if you unfortunately have your 4-5k crate stolen.

Then that doesn't give you the right to shoot to stop the perpetrator.

The senior support member told me to go read the rules, to not find it written there.


Why are support members making it even harder on us.


In real life if someone snagged my stuff and ran, I'd most definitely shoot to stop him.

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With that rule they're trying to promote better RP. You say IRL if someone took your belongings that you would shoot them immediately. Firstly, I don't believe that you would do that. Secondly, this isn't the kind of RP that they want on the server. Rules aren't being made up on the spot, if you shot someone for stealing something worth 5k, then that is too small of a reason to outright kill someone with no other interaction.

5k worth of stuff is like an hour worth of work (assuming you're doing the bare minimum and being slow). 

2 hours ago, Saif said:

In real life if someone snagged my stuff and ran, I'd most definitely shoot to stop him.

Really? If you had your phone in your hand and some petty thief quickly snatched it and ran away, would you execute them on the spot? Of course not.

Don't get me wrong, you should definitely try to get your belongings back but you should do it the right way. If someone snatches your crate off the ground in front of you, pull out your gun and aim at him and tell him to drop it, or RP with him in someway other then just shooting him dead for stealing a crate with low value in it.

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I sure hope you don't ever get a gun than, cause that's pretty retarded.  You're supposed to shoot when your life is in danger, or when someone elses life is in danger.  Here that is DM if you shoot over that, irl, that's prison and consider your life basically over as it's against the law.  It's even outlined in the weapons license application on here, and in the US.  It's common sense, use your brain.

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