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Engine Repair Kits

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Let's say you are in a situation where you are doing a 90 on a freeway but instead of falling off a bridge with your girlfriend in the trunk and dieing, Some fucking ADHD riddled child in his elegy retro crashes into you because he was driving in the opposite lane. So there you are, engine is at zero HP and that fucking child just says "sorry" in a pakistan accent or some shit and then leaves you stranded on the highway now, What do you do? Well call a mechanic and pray to all existing Gods that someone might actually come for you but that won't happend since the chances of a mechanic appearing is about 1/1,000,000 so instead how about you add Engine Repair Kits which will be sold at 24/7 for a decent price (maybe like 3 grand or less) now you might say "well then mechanic will lose one of their main point of existance, to fix your car" and to that i say that i'm not sure how stupid you're supposed to be to not give extra 1k to fully fix the car since in my mind the Engine Repair Kits shouldn't fully fix your engine maybe give it 100 HP but even then here's what you can do. Make the health temporary AKA make it decay so if you use the Engine Repair Kit you will get let's say 100 HP which will start decaying as soon as you start driving which means it forces you to drive to a mechanic for a straight up normal fix and BOOM no more problem with the guess i will fucking wait for 1000 years for a mechanic to show up, so yes that is my suggestion that would well make my life easier and not only mine but a thousand of lives easier.

Sincerely, Brudda

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