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Security questions in-game

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Today most of us saw some hackers have got our username and password logins to the server.

My suggestion would be to give a player to choose to put a security question or not.
When a person tries to log in to that account with a different IP-address - security question pops out and asks for a right answer.

This might be a better solution than changing passwords for everyone.

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19 hours ago, OsamaBigLag said:

wait, what happened? And how many accounts were compromised?

Probably all of them, this is what GT:MP announced..

The hackers seem to have gained access to our forums, making it possible for them to get hands on our forums data. Passwords are double salted and hashed, decrypting those is almost impossible. User data like email & username are leaked, we advice everybody to change their password on other platforms.

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We could make it optional, similar to the forums. The fact of the matter is, your account is always at risk. Just don't be stupid and have common sense. My tips:

  • Use a different password for everything that's important to you. I can't stress this enough, all it takes is for one of those websites to come under fire and you're exposed to everything.
  • Use a password that does not have commonly used phrases.
  • Use numbers, symbols and CaPiTaL variation.
  • More than 7 characters.
  • Do not use "123" in your password, or any other series of continued numbers.

Examples of good passwords:

Though, if you want your password to be "catsarecool123", just use an authenticator and don't lose your phone.

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