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Qumran, I sometimes feel too old for this

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Hello, my nickname is Qumran, QMRn, and if you roleplay more than 3 years, our paths must have been crossed at some point. I roleplay for 10 years now. From a munchkin that mixes OOC and IC, to a lead admin of aprox. 150 daily players.
I've RP'ed it all, you name it:
Gangster(black, white, mexican, oldschool, newschool), mobster(Italian, Mexican, Cubian, Columbian, Romanian, Russian, Lithuanian), Mafia(Tradicional, Italian, Yakuza etc) , police(not so much), medic(got bored fast), all other legal faction jobs and of course, for the last 4 years - as a biker. I fell in love with the culture, and I am actually planning to open up a club in real life, just waiting for my yearly bonus to buy a chopper bike. I know all about it, and now I'm trying to come up with new-school consepts.

A little about myself:

Here's me - guy with spiky hair (in the photo I'm 22, but currently I'm 23 years old).


I am an IT project manager in an IT firm, we make CRM's for business, apps, websites, plugins, main stuff with PHP, React, C#, all web languages. Now I have few big projects (their values range from 22k to 250k euro), but because I'm at my academic vacation, I do have some free time to get back to roleplay.
I live with my girlfriend, who don't fancy me gaming much, but eh', she enjoys the stories I come up with.

So yeah, that's me. Hi!

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Just a quick update to the community that I respect and love <3:

I left roleplay half a year ago, cause I got kicked out of Lost MC OOC'ly. My life was a wreck to say the least it gave to my behavior. It took me a while to get back on my feet, but now I'm happier than ever. Coming back to roleplay with you guys for a week, since I got a stomach infection and am off work. Please say Hi if ya' meet me! Take care and I am always wishing you best.

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