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What's up? Goodbye!

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Joined a couple of days ago.

First day, get in, start doing courier work.
Rack up over 10k in speeding tickets, a lot more than I was earning.
Decided I needed to become a criminal because I'll always be in debt if I have to keep earning 100 dollars per delivery.
Get a gun, get robbed by gangmembers.
Try making drugs, get robbed by gangmembers.
Try to look for a better paying job.
Can't be a cop because of speeding tickets.
Can't be a EMS because of speeding tickets.
Can't be a taxi driver because of speeding tickets.
Try becoming a farmer, get robbed by gangmembers.

Well I did have fun inbetween the grinding and getting constantly robbed by 7 people with AK-47s..

Maybe this is a part of GTA RP, but in that case this game is not for me.

Thanks to all the friendly people.




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What I would say is that in order to be a good criminal or to become a member of the underground scene not just here but even outside in your neighborhood, in your city, you cannot just go out and be like ima be a gangsta, it all comes down to getting to know people, being able to surpass downfalls in the beginning in order to climb up, understanding how things work, hooking up with existing crews with established allies etc. not to mention tickets can just be paid ..... But if that's what you decided then I wish you all the best and to have fun no matter what you decide to do, cause life without fun ain't life

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i understand the frustration, you gotta either be really good person that follows every single rule and law and actually role plays in a proper way. or you gotta be the shitty RPer like many other people.

there is no balance and equality, i agree. 

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I understand your frustrations, and there needs to be more civilian activities to participate rather than just government vs. criminal and the low end low paying jobs. 


We need restaurants and different kind of stores, more stuff to do in our homes, all properties to be buyable, development into business creation U.I to assist players in founding their own businesses, and more! We just need to make these suggestions and don't just make the thread and let it sit, keep working towards it. 


In my personal opinion, we should be focused on developing civilian activities and things for normal civilians (neither government employees nor criminals) to do.


I'll make a suggestion about tweaking the speed cameras as well, as I agree the way the work is a bit unrealistic at this point. 


If you still decide to leave the server, I wish you farewell and if there is anything staff can do to help you have a better experience as an alternative to leaving, I'm glad to try. 


EDIT: Tweaking speed cameras suggestion: 


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