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Masks = Suspicious Activity

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I have seen police react to a mask like once.  Large swarms of mask wearing gang members are just completely ignored by cops.


Police should start reacting to masks as any actual cop would, and when you see a group of people wearing masks it should be instantly a take action scenario.


Also, Maybe it should indicate they are wearing a mask over their head to make it easier for cops to RP this and identify the masked players more quickly.  A person wearing a mask, in general, is suspicious and draws extra attention.  

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I've seen officers ask players to remove a mask in certain areas. Honestly though the nicest person I've meet IC was a guy wearing a mask and going by a single letter name lol.

On a side note, I wore coverings over my face walking in and around a large university much of the time I attended (due to weather, smoke, etc) and was never once approached by a single officer. Long story short, masks aren't illegal even if they are suspicious. 

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