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  1. I didnt feel you were close enough to me in proximity for me to show FearRP. I heard you drop and thats why I was just getting onto my bike as you aimed your gun and gave me your demands and I drove off. If you were right up close to me my hands would have been going up. I feel I roleplay to a high standard on the server and adhere to the rules as much as possible, and if this distance is judged as being close enough in proximity, I will accept my punishment and will know for future reference how far this proximity actually is.
  2. First one by far looks cleaner and more professional. Second one looks a lot more amateur.
  3. This is the angle im coming from and I agree. KoS was defined so that if you were in that situation, you wouldn't get a DM punishment as the act was validated. Now the rule is gone you cant do it. Scamming should be defined under NCZ so that if you were in that situation, you wouldn't get a NCZ punishment as the act was validated. When the rule is gone you cant do it.
  4. The Official 2019 rules no longer contain anything to do with KoS. This means KoS no longer exists, it isn't a thing. KoS was a rule used to circumvent the DM rule, you could kill a player who robbed you for example, without any engagement because it was specifically stated you could do this in certain situations (If it wasn't stated, youd get a DM punishment). But this rule is now removed, so it no longer states you can just kill someone on sight with no RP. The rule is simple now, if you kill somebody without a proper roleplay reason, its Deathmatch. Theres no situation detailed for KoS anymore, therefore you need to actively partake in roleplay with your victim before you would be able to find a valid reason to kill them, irrespective if they robbed you 30 minutes prior (The old ruleset dictated you could straight up kill this person without RP). If what youre saying is the new ruleset now needs to say "Kill on Sight no longer exists" then that isn't needed. Simple common sense prevails. Old players should know that as the rule is no longer there, its no longer something you can do, and New players wont have ever seen it, so to them "KoS' never existed. If scamming is currently allowed in NCZ, then this is something that needs to be addressed and I agree with you, scamming is a crime so 2 + 2 dictates you wouldn't commit it in a No Crime Zone. So yes this would need clarity and updating if scamming is allowed in NCZ's. Do you have any other examples though besides Scamming in a NCZ? I agree with that one, and maybe ill be able to agree and discuss with any others you can bring to the table..
  5. KOS doesn't exist anymore. The new rules dictate that you MUST engage in roleplay before killing anybody. The Scamming one I agree would need to be updated. All im asking for is examples so others can contribute. I understand what you all mean when you say theres official rules being enforced that aren't in the the official rule guide - All I am asking is if you can give me specifics of those rules.
  6. Well the AFK example given shouldn't need to be in the rules as its common sense. Id be more than happy to give some input if you could give me some other examples of people being banned for things that aren't in the ruleset, and aren't simple common sense. People will struggle to give you an opinion without enough reference material on the topic.
  7. Its been explained for you already why that wont happen. If you go 80KM/h over the legal limit, not only are you speeding, you add an actual criminal charge to yourself which is Reckless Driving. A Crime. Something the police will arrest you for. That is separate from getting the speeding ticket, the speeding ticket is what you got for speeding, which you pay off. If you don't pay them in three days a warrant is issued as you owe money to the government and haven't paid what you owe. Reckless Driving pertains to HOW FAST you were actually going when you got the speeding ticket. Get 10 Speeding tickets, none of them reckless driving, pay them within 3 days, no warrant will be issued. Get 10 Speeding tickets, one of them is reckless driving, warrant issued for the crime. Pay your tickets within 3 days and you wont be issued a warrant for NOT PAYING THE TICKETS. But your completely separate charge of reckless driving isn't going to change, as that's a criminal action, not a civil action which is what speeding tickets are.
  8. Same here, ill get one a day maybe, maybe two if im feeling like Mark Cavendish when I break my BMX out. But its always my own fault, put my limiter on too late, or don't pay attention to where I am and then fly out the tunnel at MD, braking when you realise its too late. I just see no reason to complain about it, as its always my own fault because im the only person in control of my vehicle.
  9. Theres a difference in the charges you are receiving. A Speeding Ticket which falls under the speeding category (Within 80KM/h of the speed limit) will get you a fine that you need to pay within 3 days. If you don't pay it within three days then a warrant is issued for your arrest. A Speeding Ticket which falls under the category of Reckless Driving (Over 80KM/h above the speed limit) is a crime. So you will receive your speeding ticket, and youll also receive your sentence for committing a crime. Getting a standard speeding ticket isn't a crime unless you leave them unpaid. Its a civil matter. I still struggle to understand how people see this system as bad? Or broken? The system works and stops people from speeding, if people are leaving the server because they were racking up thousands of pounds in tickets and then cant afford them, that's IC and up to them to stop driving like idiots. In the UK youll receive a fine and points on your license for a speeding offence. But once it gets above a particular speed it becomes a dangerous driving offence (What is reckless driving here), youll need to go court, fight your battle and hope they don't take your license off you and give you prison time and a fine to go along with it. The systems realistic, and it works.
  10. ICly its up to the player to be smart. When I first arrived in the city, I would get robbed all the time. But I wouldn't get robbed for anything because id hide my vehicle/items. This meant that if I did get robbed (I could talk myself out of this at the pier most occasions RPly), they wouldn't get anything, maybe a few fish, and they would move on. RPing is the details, living the life of your character, if you know youre going to get robbed a lot before you get contacts in the city, then put yourself in a position where you aren't going to lose much. I eventually met up with one of the major gangs in the city, who invited me to run with them. But this was all progression, my characters story building due to the time spent/actions taken/relationships built in the city. Do I ride around with a lot more to risk now? Ofcourse, but its due to saving money when I was new, and now having the security of a family so I can spend the money that I kept safe. If people keep leaving the server because "Getting robbed all the time and losing all my stuff", in my eyes they aren't here for roleplay, because if they were theyd realise that this was an IC scenario to continue on from, go to the police, try find people to help you. Quitting the server would be the last thing on my mind. Edit: I also don't understand what you mean when you say "The wrong side of roleplay". The only way you can roleplay wrong is if youre breaking server rules, and if youre insinuating that gangs bring new players in and just show them things that are breaking rules then you need to make reports about this. Roleplay is roleplay, if I wanted to play a ruthless gang banger who has no feelings of remorse and just wants to rob everybody I see, I can. Yea it sucks as a character but that's how it is. If I wanted to play a priest who stands around bank trying to convert people to my religion, I can. Roleplay is literally whatever you make it, theres no wrong way to roleplay besides rule breaking because its a character youre creating, its literally your imagination at play.
  11. TL:DR? Big respect to the admins, always answer my questions. To.. Admins don't answer questions or help and loads of them are kids. Your issue is that humans sometimes make mistakes? Would I be correct, because yea they do make mistakes, or make decisions that not everybody will agree with. I don't see the substance, I see a lot of statements but without much to back them up. Are you saying your Latvian friends left because they were waiting 1 - 2 hours for a report? Why shouldn't you be in an admin position under 20, I find this is to do with maturity. What do you mean by people not caring about new players? Theres rules set up to protect them. What do you mean by admins don't review reports correctly, do you know how they check evidence? Because I don't. You've made a lot of broad statements but with no material to reference why your making the statement which makes it hard to understand where youre coming from.
  12. Im not saying everyone is instantly a "Dope roleplayer". But in my opinion good roleplay comes from a grasp of language, building stories and detail through communication. Having to learn a brand new language while trying to roleplay in it is counter intuitive. Being a rookie roleplayer is separate from not knowing a language, you can know a language and be a rookie roleplayer, you cant even be a roleplayer if you don't know the language (OOCly, ICly there would be methods with approval), thats why there are so many different language servers. Getting a semi decent grasp of the language first outside of the server will make their lives much easier instead of relying on finding an inhouse tutor. Im not saying you need to be Shakespeare to roleplay. But I wouldn't move to Spain to become a Spanish teacher if I only spoke English.
  13. +1 Love anything that adds more risk to the experience.
  14. Id probably learn a language before trying to roleplay in it. Roleplay has a big learning curve itself, takes enough time to progress your character/story without learning another language at the same time. A subforum would end up just becoming an English classroom.
  15. Understand that things cant always be 100% how you want them. Much rather 95% don't have the dot than 0%. This particular point is irrelevant anyway as its all to do with the trust placed in the community, and only the player themselves has that power to make a decision on whether to play fair or keep that Counter Strike mindset. Pretty sure somebody put up a report and had a dot on their recording and they were caught out majorly for it? (Could be wrong). The other two points are still pertaining to a skill curve from the removal of the dot, which is exactly why it was removed.
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