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  1. New Players, or any player for that matter shouldn't need material goods to have a great roleplay experience. I feel that should come with time after character development. The more people that come to the city, the more money that's earned, the more expensive things become in the city. Increasing the amount of money everybody gets from salary/jobs would keep the situation exactly the same, but makes everything even more expensive as people have even more money to play with.
  2. Or grab your own rod from a store once you are experienced enough to catch fish from the poles at the pier. That way you can seclude yourself wherever you want near water and stay safe.
  3. Top quality Maribeans
  4. Protip: Become a chopshop VIP with Skinnys Zeta packages.
  5. Nobody is saying its unacceptable for police to punish you. They are saying its unacceptable for police to punish you for crimes you actually haven't committed. Theres a very large difference between both statements.
  6. Yea, when youre rejected the cooldown will start. So ingame it will either tell you that you need to wait to reapply, or it will be the quiz again if the cooldown has ended. If you don't see this yet, then your application hasn't been looked at yet.
  7. When I joined a couple months ago, youd have 70 players in the morning, maybe 140 - 200 in the evenings. I have seen the server hitting 500+ recently. And when theres potentially 300 players in the city, that's 200 players right there just doing their applications, and if that happens all day, that's a lot of applications. Youll probably realise that all of these threads about waiting to be accepted have been coming in abundances over the past couple of weeks, probably struggle to really find many of them before then. My applications wait time for a response was between a few hours to 24+. A lof of applications have more than likely been rejected, because the quiz isn't easy. But complaining about the admins and speculating that they aren't doing their jobs right seems a bit brash, when irrespective of your opinion on it, they are doing their best to try and rinse through the thousands of applicants they have. I don't know whos been streaming it, but literally one well known streamer going on a GTA RP server would instantly boom mass interest.
  8. If they did want to pay them off, why didn't they pay them off when they were manageable? Why let them get to an unmanageable state to be like, ah well I was going to pay these because I do care about RP, but there too high now so can somebody sort the speed cameras out please.
  9. Be worth it though. Citys going to be absolutely buzzing with life.
  10. Because people fly through NCZ at 200KM/h and cause accidents.
  11. That Burka life. Religious FREEDOM BOYS.
  12. Stop discriminating against my choice of headwear!
  13. KurtLaser


    Don't think so. That would be very pay to win, in the sense of buying guns/vehicles/property.
  14. I think we need the Chop Shop Managers opinion. Somebody get Skinny in here. I quite like the idea of the chopshop being a turf which gangs can fight over. Big money in them taxes.
  15. But when you do applications and they are rejected, you will usually get a response inbetween the speech marks where there should be a reason. So if you failed a question on say, powergaming, the reason would be something like "You need to re-read the rules on Powergaming for the scenario XXX". The player would THEN go to the attached list of useful links, and would have direction to what he actually failed on, so he can research and redo the application. The player is wondering where they need to brush up, no point in going over every single rule again if its a minor discrepancy which caused the rejection. I was rejected and my email response had detailed reasons, I think you have just been unlucky like you say, with the work the staff are doing and the amount of applications mistakes are bound to happen. Hope to see you in LS soon anyway!
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