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11 minutes ago, CodyDies said:

It's entirely possible that they don't know.  I don't think the quiz actually tells you which question you missed.

it does tell you in the email you receive informing you about your denial.
says what parts you have missed. unless they have changed it 

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The quiz is too easy in fact!

I reckon anyone who has RP experience or at least a willingness to check what RP even stands for should get in. The answers are literally what you should do in real life.

Just sit down take your time to learn the rules of the server and redo the quiz.

I was literally learning as I went along with the quiz and I got in first time. I had no idea what things like metagaming were before the quiz (never heard of the word in my life) but I still got in.

Good luck and I do hope to see you around because I reckon you’ll appreciate the dedication that a lot of people have for the server!

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Hello, I am happy to see the interest you are showing in starting your play on our server.

Currently, we have a lot of applications coming every single day ( Approx. 1000 a day ) which makes the process slower then it was prior to the recent influx of people that are showing interest. I know what a lot of you are thinking " What if I contact one of the members of the staff and give them my account name maybe I can get my application reviewed faster " , well the thing is we do not see names of people who created the applications so please be patient and do not pm members of the staff regarding the applications . By the time someone is responding to the message, they could've been reviewing an application. Nobody will be left behind or get prioritized over you, applications are done in the order they have been submitted. Thank you for your patience, on behalf of the Eclipse Roleplay team I wish you a great stay and to enjoy every moment on it.

PS: You will be notified over email after your application has been review with your results ( approved/denied ) . The quiz is there in order to show to us the effort an individual is willing to put in his research and understanding of rules and give us a basic insight on what are their views of the RP as a whole and smaller parts of it including rules and situations given  I guarantee if you place your effort into understanding the rules instead of just reading and paraphrasing them you will pass the quiz 🙂


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