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The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate

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Prologue I - “The Poison Ivy”:
Meet Ivy Vilachi. A mute, as well as the former owner of “The Poison Ivy”, a popular bar located in Downtown Los Santos. Her vision led her to have the most popular bar in San Andreas, it could actually at one time be considered a tourist hotspot for locals. Her bar would attract many Los Santos pedestrians, one of those being Ryan Bando. Bando had taken Ivy under his wing with the assistance of his organization, skyrocketing her potential.  Bando was a long time friend of Ivy Vilachi, she had performed several jobs for him in the past. Her success was in thanks to him.  She was mute but her actions spoke louder than any of the words coming from others.

For a few months, Ivy was on top. Her bar had led to the formation of the Vilachi Crime Family, which would rule the scene for years to come. Her destructive force would rival several local gangs such as the Black Hand Triads, Los Santos Vagos, Brixton, Aztecas, and a few more. Her presence would lead to the formation of other organizations like her own. She was a role model for many young and inspirational leaders. Including her own brother, Ivan Vilachi.

In late 2015, Ivy Viliachi disappeared. Several news outlets covered her story. Her disappearance sparked the revolution of many oppressed gangs in the area. The Black Hand Triads would rise to the top of the scene and the Poison Ivy would return to the hands of her brother, Ivan Vilachi, whom would run it for a few more years under the organization “Vilachi & Co.”  This ultimately failed, the Vilachi family had burnt into the ground.    

Ivy Vilachi - 2015

“The Poison Ivy” - Downtown Los Santos 2015

Prologue II - “Los Zetas”:
September, 2018, Ryan Bando had helped founded the american branch of a mexican criminal syndicate that go by the name “Los Zetas”. Bando was never on the same page as them, he was attracted to violence which was often an easy way out for him.  During his involvement he would be famous for always causing shit with alliances.  Over time, Ryan started to realize that he found himself in a syndicate that did not share his beliefs. To him, the main goal was to remove the alliance from exsistence.

It didn't go that way though, they had joined the alliance with the intent on staying. In the eyes of Bando, the entirety of what their organization was formed and reformed upon wasn't true to it's nature.  His reluctance to join The Council would be noted by other leaders.  During the state of Zetas, it would’ve been easy to pull a fast one and backstab the council but was always turned down.  You see, in Bando’s eyes it was kill or be killed... He disliked holding hands with other gangs or alliances, it was practically by force to get along with them.  In his eyes, a gang had to remain dominant and show others they were either with you or against you... This was not a vision that others saw.

Soon after that, it all went downhill to him.  He eventually quit because he couldn't hold in his agressiveness.  However, Bando knew about Shayan Klep, whom shared the same ideals in terms of one thing: Taking down The Council. Shayan would end up abandoning the plan to destroy the alliance, leaving Ryan alone in the mission. Overnight, packed his belongings and abruptly left Los Santos, ending his trip to San Andreas temporarily.

Ryan Bando - 2018

Prologue III - “The Wanted”:
Running the streets of Los Santos is 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. A young and depressed prodigy kicked out by his parents a few months prior. His story has just begun. During his string of petty store robberies and car theft, he comes across none other than Natalie Nightwood. His journey would lead him into a gang of street racers named “The Wanted”. After running a few jobs for them, he had saved up enough money to put a down payment on a house that he is still currently paying for in the rural parts of Los Santos. 

During his short run with his gang, he developed a sense of loyalty to them. Tyler would then witness his fellow gang members arrested by the police department, or killed by the “Los Santos Irish Mob”. Unable to fight back, he grew a certain hatred for gangs in the alliance simply for their involvement in the murdering of his fellow brothers and gang members.

Natalie would eventually join, along with a few of her fellow gang members,  “The Almighty Vice Lords”. Tyler, however, was not invited to join and he accepted this as a betrayal of the friends he had finally made, causing him to push his own drugs and weapons.

Tyler Sharpe - 2018

Prologue IV - “The Meetup”:
In the months of December and January, Ryan Bando was away from the Los Santos gang scene. His journey would lead him to “The Continental Hotel” located in downtown Manhattan. He was searching for Ivy Vilachi, whom was a retired mobster and hitwoman. Here is where they would discuss the terms of Ivy’s disappearance from Los Santos.

Here is where Ryan Bando explains his current situation to Ivy. The destruction of the Los Zetas by his former friend and boss Jay Gamble. His goal was to take over the reign of the Vilachi Crime Family.  Returning to Los Santos, Ryan Bando would favor the conditions that were set by Ivy and the Vilachi Crime Family and incorporate them with his own version: The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate. 

In early March, Ryan Bando would return to Los Santos and meet the young prodigy Tyler Sharpe. These two would share the same vision and goal of taking down the alliance. Ryan Bando would see a chance to shape this young man into a useful and powerful ally and together they would be a huge force.

The Continental - 2018

Chapter 1 - The Birth

Ryan Bando had made a name for himself in the Los Santos gang scene. His infamy would be either well respected or destructive based on who you talk to. His former friend and leader Jay Gamble despises Ryan. His disposition in the eyes of Gamble is laughable. Ryan, on the other hand, never lost sight of the original goal. This would be the leading factor in forming the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate.

Bando saw huge potential upon meeting 19 year old Tyler Sharpe. The purity in his personality was hard to come by and was detrimental to the vision the Bando was setting forward. These two would find out that their journeys had led them to share the same goal. Ryan would take Tyler under his wing, and show him how to maneuver around the city.  Tyler would learn a lot from Bando, although Tyler is nowhere near ready to be at the top, he is willing to learn and will progress alongside Bando and this organization that these two would create together.

Since Ryan Bando’s return to Los Santos, he has since been robbed of all of his assets. He has no house, no weapons, no money; only a simple trophy truck left to him. The gang’s current finances are a huge obstacle in achieving a thriving business. Their first goal?: to re-open The Poison Ivy under a different name. But in order to do that, they need to find a way to obtain the finances that would enable them to push a front. 

The Poison Ivy was a huge tourist attraction a few years ago, in order to recreate that they would need first and foremost: a loan. Afterwards, they would need to gain a suitable location, blueprint for an attractive interior, and a decent staff to launch their business. All legally, of course, as the bar is to act as a profit for many of their illegal activities. They can’t risk their location being seized or their members being arrested: as of this moment they are in a very delicate situation.

Chapter 2 - The Business

On March 1st 2019, Tyler Sharpe and Ryan Bando would take a huge stride in starting their official business. They leased an old coffee shop location once known as java.update, and would turn it into what is now known as: “The Royal Oak”. The name stems from Aykroyd, which is a name derived from the Old English language, where the word ‘ac’ means oak and ‘rod’ means clearing.

This is where they plan to start their legal proceedings. In order to begin recruiting for their illegal activities, the must first recruit for their legal ones. This bar is an important step in securing their illegal activities. Here they will attract attention of locals and create a great spot for friends to hang out and drink a few beers. This club will offer a coffee shop atmosphere for those underage, and will also offer a bar for those who are able to drink. During special occasions, they will host comedy shows and during downtime you can play some classic arcade games.

The bar as of this moment is still under construction, as Ryan Bando and Tyler Sharpe purchase contracting after building their blueprints. Stay tuned for the official opening announcement and the “Help Wanted” posters!

This is where “The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate” begins.

“The Royal Oak” - Rockford Hills 2019







Syndicate Members

Made Man










Bartender -- Security




OOC Information

The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate is based off several other organization’s roots. Pulling in real life roots from La Cosa Nostra (LCN) including ranking structure, themes, and goals. We pride ourselves on pulling in stories from several other crime families and organizations that have existed in the GTA universe. We have been heavily influenced by The Vilachi Crime Family, and pulling in RP standards and CK policies from families like The Vincetti Clan, which have all existed in the GTA universe.

We exist and compete as an American crime family, however the goal is not to be very organized from the start. After all, we have an ex-american gangster and a young man who thinks he’s a gangster trying to take down an alliance of professionals. This will affect how we operate ICly, however overtime we will start to develop more and eventually become more and more professional as time goes on.

Our front is our business, however this is not listed ICly. Our business should be treated as a business by all parties until they are informed otherwise. This includes new recruits. You may not be informed on the illegal operations when you first join, which is okay. Please see “How to join” to view the recruitment process.

Please take note that the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate focuses on being heavy roleplay and that includes proper character development. Which means if your character is embarrassed, punished, or otherwise removed from the faction and it is for IC reasons you should not take it OOCly and of course this should not discourage you to continue trying. Any issues we have with you IC, will remain always IC. Anyone who cannot distinguish between IC and OOC should not attempt to join, and any OOC misconduct will result in punishments OOCly.

Please do not metagame any information on our thread. Nobody is aware of our goal to take down the council until we announce it ICly.

Most importantly, have fun! - No hard feelings towards anyone OOCly in any of the other organizations mentioned.

Recruitment Process

The most obvious way to join is to become employed at our business “The Royal Oak” which is located in Rockford Hills, next to Taco. We would have you fill out an application ICly. From this point on, you are in the business. Over the period of a few weeks, your character will start to notice some strange things around the business and most importantly with your superiors. It may or may not feel like “just another pub job”. It is your character’s choice to either bring up these findings or to keep quiet. Again, we focus more on character development and respect those who wish to drop out of the business for sake of their character rather than joining simply to make a name for themselves. However, those who wish to proceed should bring up their findings. And, if done properly, you will be initiated and given access to our radio frequency.

We have no minimum requirements - you just must be willing to roleplay, and well at that.

Again, this is a roleplay server. We are all here to have fun.

"Faction Kill" Policy

As mentioned in the recruitment process, your character will start to notice some odd things around the business. If you are apart of the gang as far as the F4 menu is concerned, and as soon as your character brings up their finding(s) ICly, you will then be asked to consent OOCly to a ‘Faction Kill’. We will keep record of this. Here are the terms that must be met in order to be FK’d.

  • Your character poses an IC threat to our morals, business, or operation.
  • Your character has released IC information to those who are otherwise not authorized to obtain it. (i.e a rat)
  • Your character has threatened/killed/damaged a superior or another member of the family and/or it’s property

All Character Kill’s must be approved by the respective slotholder and the player will be notified after the roleplay has commenced. It is the job of the person who is performing the Faction Kill to gather the necessary evidence in order to do so in the event an administrator asks for such.

Once you have given your consent for character kill, you may not revoke it unless you leave the organization and receive approval from the respective slotholder. However, on the contrary, you must agree that if you spill any information to anyone ICly then you will automatically re-consent and consequently will be FKed.

What is our definition of a Faction Kill?

  • You may keep your name.
  • You forget your affiliation with The Aykroyd Crime Syndicate and all related businesses.
  • You lose any evidence you may have obtained.
  • Your character’s memory is erased - never to be accessed by again.
  • You consequently will be kicked from the faction.

Aykroyd Main Goals

The goals of the Aykroyd Crime Syndicate will not be achieved overnight and are far fetched.. Goals will be achieved over time.  Our goals will be what makes the faction a standing foundation but also moving and working for a purpose rather than having everything.

  • Establish the bar interior through means of money.
  • Gather a group of those who wish to work to the same goal; establishing faction roleplay.
  • Establish events such as comedy clubs, performances, and rap battles regularly.
  • Establish the Royal Oak to be the #1 hotspot for roleplay.
  • To be something different, our entire faction is centered around heavy roleplay and heavy development.

Long after the establishment, we wish to see how our impact on the server be catastrophic to how the rest of Eclipse operates and moves forward.

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