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Drug Use Perks - Post your suggestions

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I would love to see people roleplaying using drugs on the server.

Would love to drive through a back alley way and find people shooting up heroin, or find a group of people smoking weed in a car.

Drugs should be a social regular pass time on the server that have minor perks.

Traditionally in GTA roleplay servers perks for drugs have been health and armor or taking less damage...but I really want to come up with ideas beyond that.

Idea 1: Reduced jail time/fine

Rationale - Encourages criminals to use drugs regularly...particularly if they are the type to get arrested a lot. People that get arrested a lot tend to also use drugs. Also judges often take into consideration peoples personal circumstances including drug use and reduce their sentence.

You could get a message from the server when you get arrested saying something like "The justice system has taken into consideration your drug habit and reduced your sentence"

Share your thoughts on this idea and please do post your own ideas.


More drug use means more RP for cops, MD selling methadone and treating overdose, and makes drugs lucrative for drug dealers

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3 hours ago, Swifty said:

@TommyV actually made a good thread in August of last year about changing drugs, and I think the community would be best served with focusing discussion in that one thread instead of several.


Effects will already be discussed (@ my reply on that topic)


Thanks for your suggestion.

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