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Criminal Roleplay Improvements - a thread

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Hello everyone, I've decided to take a chance and make a thread based on things I've seen and heard that need major or minor improvements. While I understand that we are not all going to be thinking and seeing it the same way, this is from the eyes of someone who went from criminal roleplay to legal and criminal. I have seen both sides, and I have always been wanting to see things improve for both sides. I'm here to make points that can be discussed and hopefully get looked at for this year.

Before I start, I would like to thank Paulius and Osvaldon for taking their time and providing people with as much assistance and help as possible. I believe that the recent input has been more present to the public, and we appreciate the time and effort spent.

Criminal activities are something that we are all aware are limited. While I personally don't really mind it, there are a few things that have been unspoken or raised that I believe can be addressed and taken a look at.


With the community being a fan of the ever-rotating labs, there are a few things that need to be improved to prevent it from becoming a week-by-week decision on whether it's worth going to a lab for criminals. We can agree that not every lab should give you the option to have everything involved, however, there needs to be a proper way of either always having Garbage or Island open at all times. The social factor with the Garbage or Island lab is way too big to be pushed on a weekly basis. In addition to Garbage and 2/3 extra labs open, the labs need more variety of tables present in them. Labs do not only provide conflict but also make criminals work together, such as holding, socializing, and cooking together. The main issue comes when a lab is open in a week and everyone is around, and the next week, you barely meet any gangs due to the high effort and low reward of going into labs. Personally, I feel like having Garbage or Island open at all times and the other labs rotating would be beneficial for criminals to come around more.

This is not for PvP purposes. Labs, in my opinion, bring a lot more to the table than just purely PvP. One of the best times is just hanging out with people and chatting while cooking drugs in a lab. This gives a social and positive factor to the criminals, and being aware that this can be done weekly, either on Island or Garbage, should be the way to go for shared activities and more. The small labs should have enough variety to give people even an option to avoid going to the weekly "big" lab.


Now onto the smaller problem: drug tables. I feel like we can all agree that the meta of drug tables being absolutely overpowered was boring, and we do not need to go back to it. But as for now, tables have no use, and no criminal would want to use a table within the risks of blowing up and with the speed it takes. It's cool that you can cook outside, but now that labs inside properties are dead, we should remove the watering minigame again and go back to where at least getting water does not require you to hit the green wheel. It's simply annoying. Make tables have the chance to cook at a decent speed, but make them riskier of blowing up if not cleaned or watered properly outside. This is fine, but please remove the minigame for the water. That's just simply horrible. And being able to just put on 50 coke and let it run all day hoping it won't blow up randomly is also not something I find very appealing.



Chopping: What a fun activity risking yourself some charges and possibly a prison sentence if caught. But if it pays out and you manage to get it done, the reward should be good enough for you to sustain yourself for the risk you've taken.

At least that's what we believe if we go by the reasonable approach. With changes to the chopping prices and the recent changes to how much dealers pay for it, there was a downfall in chopping. It's simply a dead activity. It's essentially not even worth trying to lockpick or dismantle local cars as the payout is horrible no matter how good or bad the car is. We don't want to risk going for an hour, getting a license suspension, and going to jail for getting 6k. That's not something anyone would want to risk. To simply change this, I would say there should be a reversal of the chopping price drop and maybe make it a tiny bit lower for the general parts, and let the engine and the scrap parts pay generally more. As for now, having a toolbox is simply useless and more risk than any reward. For the future, I would refer to my suggestion of making chopping vehicles able to have things in them, such as items, guns, drugs, cash, clothing - you name it. It doesn't have to be an immediate change, but at least let us use the criminal activities we have.



The change in store robberies has been a lot worse for criminal players, even for legals, I would suggest going back to the old ways where you could rob stores the same way as before and then give LEOs the option to review CCTVs again. I remember this as a cadet, and it was really fun to browse CCTVs while doing paperwork and once in a while catching something in progress.




Street races and betting:

A street race is being organized at X location, featuring Y cars. Only cars of Y type are allowed: muscle cars, motorcycles, under $80k, etc. The payout is scripted, allowing criminals to make money by participating in illegal races. This also introduces the option for people to bet on races if they wish, or to engage in race fixing and potentially ignite conflicts among participants.

Car heists.
Horse race betting.
More freelance jobs such as cleaning jobs.
Pier activities.
Jewelery store heist.

More to come as i get more input into things and ideas we can work with.

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I will continue to advocate for random scripted street races especially if they're narrowed by type. This would encourage people to buy and use cars that aren't "meta" cars and give some diversity to people's choices. I strongly believe that the number of "clappers" and PvP mentality will decrease if people have gameplay options to get stuck in to instead of being bored and trying to start some trouble.

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set up a system where you can chose to be paid clean cash, but a lower amount (still needs to be higher than current payout) , or marked bills, for a higher amount, from selling scrap car parts. that way there's options, take the easy cash and just move on, or take the marked bills and process them, for a higher payout, but more time and risk.

could also have a NPC stolen car buyer where you can just drive the vehicle up and sell it, no manual labor to disassemble required, for cash. similar to how players can sell stuff to the pawn shop, no questions asked. 

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