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Move HE Location to Drift Arena

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Hello Eclipse Gamers!

Currently, the Drift Arena is very underutilized. Might be used for a car meet or two per year, but apart from that it's abandoned.

My idea is to move the High-End vehicle market to the Drift Arena and add a /testdrive command to the market. This command would then let you drive the vehicle around the drift arena for 5/10 minutes. The script would not allow you to leave the Drift Arena with the vehicle, and would only last a short amount of time. 


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I think where it's at currently is great. While you might not feel it's utilized to only two times a year, I know people will meet in smaller groups to go there. I don't think moving high end over there would be beneficial. Say when an official event DOES happen there, then there is no parking whatsoever for the attendees.

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