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Water Guns

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Crims should be able to carry fake weapons - these after a short time of being held up to someone would "leak" water.

Civilians can also buy water guns without a gun licence as a deterrent to criminals trying to rob them - a UCARA licence can be purchased with a criminal history not involving Aggravated or Armed Robbery. (this is an income for SD and PD and is an Item you must carry on your person along side your water gun)


In a store robbery - the water would leak after 60 secs and the store owner would pull the alarm - the time is this much on purpose because crims would be unable to rob a bank with it and would not get much from a store robbery.
Face to Face - in a hold up (in an outdoor space) the guns would leak after 30 seconds, giving a DM right to a victim of  fake hold up, or allowing a victim to run.


Water guns can be purchased from a toy store and an additional item of spray paint is required to make them work on stores.

PD can arrest people carrying water guns which are spray painted as "mock firearms" or "failure to provide a UCARA Licence" - but this sentence would be served in PD Cells as IRL is a 25 days sentence.

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I respect the making of any suggestion, but I am very much against this. Unsure it’s a joke or whatever but not only would it use up developers times where they could be making innovative updates to the server, but also 95% of all criminals would never use them as they might aswell go and buy a real pistol even if it’s a SNS!



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