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Hello! I got idea suggest about IC phone. What about add notification on IC phone If you get new text unread or add notification on chat log? It would be really nice for deaf people who want to play this server like me because Im deaf in real life i cannot hear anything on game and phone chime when I get text on IC phone. What do you think of that my idea suggest for deaf people? Most time i missed out text when Im around in city. Also add that notification when I get log in game and IC phone say you "You get new text that you haven't read yet" Hope you like my idea for this server! 🙂

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Also +1 to the dot to indicate the message is unread.

Could we also perhaps script something that lets you see all your most recent messages at the top, and from then on in order of appearance like you would on a normal phone? 

Right now its set to order of message sent to the person, so an active chat/unread message is sitting in the middle of 10 messages and I have to read all the chats to make sure I don't have any new messages. If they were automatically prompted to the top based on the recent messages and have the dot marked for "unread", it would make much more sense and in line with realism.

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