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Implement pick-pocket function

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as robbery and stealing are one of the main things for the criminal side in the server, I think it would be a good choice if we get a new function as a pick-pocket. that being said, it will make much more sense when people will be able to pickpocket players and accsess some, if not all, items/cash that the victim has. 

why should we implement the following? 

1. It will make rp much better for the people and more exciting while there is a person standing in front of you and you can pickpocket him for his belongings without needing to have reason to rob him. As per server rules, player robbery should be planned and reasonable. we could implement the following as well, but its requirements could be much lower rather than player robbery as it will make much more sense and better rp experience for the people.

it is just my simple opinion, if you do have any thoughts or ideas for the following topic, feel free to comment down below.

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Sorry but I cannot see this going well if it was implemented. I feel as though it would be used to troll and create poor RP scenarios...additionally, this seems like built in Powergaming...stealing from someone else without permission or their involvement at all. It takes away from RP, not adds to it, so I don't feel this would be good to add.

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