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Toggling /b /ooc /o, just the ooc chat in general.

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Hi man,

we all know sometimes when we have situations when people just can't be quiet in OOC or just won't stop talking in OOC making your experience a lot worse.

I thought about it and there was 2 options, first i would love if /b can be completely removed except in dim 1 when an admin speaks to you and you can only communicate via PM's.

However, sometimes it's not the biggest of deals that you talk in OOC about a situation if people are reasonable, so a toggle option would be amazing.

I'm not sure if this has been addressed beforehand, but not everyone of us loves the constant toxic chatters in OOC, theres to many people that do it and it's tiring having to report all the time when people won't stop talking in OOC and not stopping so atleast give us the option to toggle it, the same with weazel but that already got recommended.

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Removing it is one of the worst mistakes they can do since people will meta-game more in voice for those who don't care about it. A way to make /b less is having a /togooc of some sort command. While at it they should really add a /togweazel command since that gets spammed more then anything in the game even more then people crying in /b, removing valuable /me and /do etc etc. Seen many RP threads from like gangs where they either have to cut/edit their text so the "Oh buy VIP today blabla" - Server MSG and "Join LSPD TODAY" every 10 min or something. If one toggleable chat command/text is added it would also be good to add toggle for those chats that are not nessacary all the time in normal chat.


But yes, /tog (chat) would be a great addition on the server. For both less spam in /b, much less useless weazel stuff and the system/server msg fills a lot up in chat as well.


Being online for a bit yesterday seeing weazel "accidently" post 2 of the same ad, and the "wait 10 min and then u can post 5 more from that list" is just spammy imo.

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7 hours ago, Astrx said:

Massive +1, the amount of situations that go instantly into /b instead of roleplaying is absurd. Of course Admin ooc chat would not be toggled for report reasons.

OOC chat should not be a thing, /report is in place for a reason.

This would make sense if admins did respond to /reports involving rule break. I've waited for a car ram, DM for a long time, YES I do know they "RP" and such but removing /b will just be a bad feature hence this reason I stated here. You will not be able to tell a big crowd of "apparent" rule-break to save their recordings if needed so, having to /pm and check your clip many times to do so is just annoying. And with /b people solve their own issues if needed mostly I've had times where we as 2 players solved an issue that really was reportable but it took way too long for admins to respond to it so we solved it and made up.


And the masive use of /b from you being in PD for a long time and me being in MD and DOC. I've seen the spam and shit that can happen ofc, Reason why they should add /togooc that last for maybe 10-15 min (not perma since it will likely be forgotten about and something is needed to be said there)

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