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2018 in eclipse

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Hi everyone, first of all happy holidays and I hope you had a great year and may the next be even better.

I was wondering something, how do people feel about their last year ( or less if you joined during the year ) of playing on eclipse. 
Did you do all the things you wanted to do, did you get that new car/house you wanted, did you get the street rep you wanted, how do you feel the server being developed around you both RP and script wise. 

I shall hit it off. My main character Andor Rootman, well he is at the peak of what he can do, former Weazel news owner, former owner of HeavyFlow, been involved in management of two other goverment factions, rich to the point he doesnt know what he should do with his cash. I basically let Andor go off the rails, being rich doesnt make you happy ( let that be a lesson for life ). I enjoyed the development of my character that I have played for a long time. On the other hand my joke alt Bob Bobsen, the man that can only grunt and talk jibberish is fun but I realised I cant really take him places ( even though Leron tried by making him fight people for his amusement ) so I basically wrote him off. Probably going to CK him and remake him into something new, feel free to give advise. 
Then there is Sam Onella, my part time criminal character, I like playing on him a lot but as most people know is that andor is a borderline ( of not a full fledged ) criminal already so unless I am going to put a lot of time in him and join the gang life I feel like I am not going to play on him a lot. But I like the state he is in, developed as a character, having a good understanding of his motivations. 
What I want for next year for my characters, well both sam and andor probably going to stay, Bob going to be remade into something I havent tried yet, maybe even be a officer or MD ( since they need people ). Specially with andor who has a few things coming up I am wondering where it goes from here.

The server, well thats a love hate relationship I have with it as a whole. I love certain changes improvements made, and hate others, but thats normal I feel. No one can be completly satisfied, but I hope there will be a flow chart or a plan published so we can see what the plan is for the server as a whole. I remember the hype for the "criminal update" after months of rumors, the countdown in discord with the final countdown being played in the voice channel. That was the most excited I have been on the server since I joined, sadly it wasnt what we wanted due to multiple reasons but it clearly is the basis of where the server is now, ever improving. Something I hate ( besides the snow ) is the problem we have with the viop, how it suddenly just stops working 50% of the time ( anyone able to tell me why that is ) the feeling that the PD has a unfair adventage over the rest of us with them able to use teamspeak ( yes I know the button for TS is the same as for ingame, but ts works 100% of the time and ingame not so much ). There are always other things that I feel are unbalanced in the server but are bound to change. Though when I look back over the entire year, I cant remember how I was able to play ( due to tech issues server side and client side ), the amount of crashes which went down by a shit ton I can only imagine what will happen next year.

And guys, we all know that some people are unhappy with admins or the owners, but lets make this thread about yourself and not about them. And let us look at the future with hope.

Mucho lovo from the old man ❤️ and a happy new year for everyone, except @Femo 😉 , because everyone hates him

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This is my 14th day in the server and I got a house and cars that fit my character's starting RP which I basically copy pasted (except the appearance) from the "Humberto Umbracato" character in the old SAMP RP server I used to play at. 


The server's a great time killer that gives me nostalgia of the 7 years that I played in the famous old SAMP RP server. 

Do I still fully commit like I used to? (Everyone who knows me from "you know what" server - knows how I "fully commit" to a server)

Probably not. After years of RP-ing and /almost/ seeing it all, I have to say that the magic is gone.


Merry Christmas to everyone!

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