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Dylan Ortiz

cant log into my account without it error/crash

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Hey so ive had this problem for 3-4 days now and I cant log into the server without the game crashing. so what happens is the game loads normally gets to the eclipse log in page and once I type in my account and password and hit enter I get this error message, if I press exit on the error message and click f1 and load the server again it reloads back up to the eclipse server log in and happens again I can not get in to the server and if I don't hit exit on the error tab it will crash after about 10 seconds. I've deleted Rage MP twice now fully (reinstalled the 500+ files) I've deleted social club and I've deleted gta 5 and reinstalled them all... here's where it gets strange so I made a new account (not alt) with a new email etc and I can log in with that account without any issues at all but even If I log in with that and then try to relog into my main account it will give me the error can anyone please help I've PMD all the admins and got no response yet, 

I'm using windows 10 i5 3570 @4.0 16gb ram and a gtx 1060 6GB OC GTA was purchased from steam, I've been using the same antivirus the whole time I've played here and had no dramas like this before

also I've changed the settings to medium and tried to see if that helps but it doesn't I get 80-100fps while playing on my settings i also tried safe mode doesn't work i even moved rage mp to D drive nothing works 


photo of the error 


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