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Player Owned ATM Machines

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So it randomly came to me that maybe we can make ATM machines on the server player owned and there will be a fee each time you withdraw money from the ATM,  just how there is a fee in a real life. This can both help players make money and take money out the server because there will be taxes on the profit earned from the withdrawal fees that the ATM owner would gain. The ATM can also be auctioned off to players or have a set price, taking further money out of the games economy, that money would go to admins/disappear from the server from when the ATM is auctioned off, but at the same time this would be pointless since no one really uses cash, but i am just throwing out random ideas.


What do you guys think? Is there anything else we should add onto this?

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I do think that giving players a reason to go to the bank other than the salary is a good thing. Player-owned ATMs could also be a small-business opportunity for players in a climate where businesses are otherwise hard to obtain.

I'd be thrilled if each ATM could be purchasable, rather than having one large ATM business for all of them, this way you could realistically add ~20 smaller businesses for players that wish to roleplay that way.

big +1

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