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Bring OLD voip back please

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Hello, i would like to recommend to bring old voip system back till new one will be finally polished and done . since now voip is cutting off, you cant hear half people around you. voice is very low. and its just missing constantly randomly. old system was way better even when voip crashed it was way better since we had proper voip working most of the times. not like now. 

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new system is shite (right now), but I think that might be on rage's end. theyre running tests on the voip to hopefully get it sorted soon.


  • Fix voice chat not getting cleared properly after setting "voice3d" to false
  • Improve voice chat playback thread synchronization mechanism, so it doesn't affect anything else
  • Fix reported voice chat crashes


but as it stands now if it is possible, bring back the old voip. who even asked for a new voip system when the other one worked (mostly) perfect.

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