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The Camorra first started as a street gang in Boston in the 50's, where they would rob small stores and take cars. Over the years as their numbers grew The Camorra became more organized and had more if a purpose, they wanted to be on top, So that's what they did, after deciding the leadership The Camorra Started gaining control of local businesses through blackmail, extortion or whatever means they could. After dipping their toes in the illegal side of business - including gun/drug trafficking and prostitution - it became apparent that the leaders noticed larger amounts of unmarked vehicles around them. There were rats, but the police didn't have anything on them... yet. They had a few contacts in Los Santos who would help them start fresh. The branch in Boston was abandoned for their own legal safety.

The Camorra was started In the early 50's when Frank Camorra decided that he had had enough of following the flock. He had used his knowledge of the streets on the business end in order to get as much capital as possible. Eventually, he was at the top of his game at the criminal underworld when his health rapidly deteriorated, some theorize foul play was involved. His son, William Camorra, had taken up the title of godfather, which he still holds to this day.

After moving to Los Santos William Camorra Got in contact with the people he had in the city and started setting up his empire in Los Santos. William came to the city with his daughter Faith, who had helped him leave Boston and start again in the Big City.

Current Situation

The Camorra currently getting themselves settled into the Los Santos life, Finding their way around and bringing new people into the family every day, they have a foothold in the city where they conduct their business from, that being legal and illegal business, The family has member's in their ranks that have very specific jobs that they carry out without question, they are looking to take control of both legal and illegal operations in the city.

Future Plans

The Camorra plans on being the best in the city, the one to be feared by everyone, We want to be on top and nothing will stand in our way we want to work with the other gangs and organizations in the city and around, We want to become the main supplier of narcotics and guns in the city while still holding up appearances with legal fronts like restaurants, stores and gas stations, and using other legal jobs to transport some of the illegal product that we will be bringing into the city, We want to be the only Mafia family in the city and we will do anything to get there.

Realistic Progression

The Camorra Be a high-class gang and the story states We have been a big Mafia in the past and we will be working to start that again here. We will have assets in the city already ready to use at a moments notice. The only people that would meet the Godfather would be the Mob Bosses and Underbosses and other gang leaders, The High Command of The Camorra would wear Suits and smart coats of any colour Driving high-end cars and being driven around in limos and Luxury cars.


The Recruitment process will be harder than most, you would have to impress the mid ranks to be considered to join then once you are in you would have to prove to the family that you would be worth keeping around, you would do that in your own way, we have 3 different parts of the family, each one focus on a specific part of our money making operation, you would have to find a way to fit into one of these categories to be kept in the family, your job would be to make the family money, you would be expected to give a share of what you make to the family to keep it going. To join look for the High command, dressed in all black, with a different color shirt and tie.


The Camorra plans on becoming a part of every operation, be that legal, from delivering items, or Loan Sharks, to illegal, weapons trafficking and drug trafficking. Anyone not willing to become friends with the Camorra will be considered an enemy, this will only be decided when the gang leaders have met with the GodFather himself. The lower ranks will be tasked with gathering money from stores that owe us the protection money to taking cars off the streets and bringing them to our chop shops.

Faction Goals

1. Our main goal is to become the only mafia in Los Santos, making as much money as we can along the way

2. We will work towards working with other gangs in the city to go what is best for all of us

3. Our final goal would be to be respected by every gang and person that lives in and around the city


  • GodFather - Responsible for the whole family, this member will not partake in any illegal activities
  • UnderBoss - This member is responsible for the mob bosses under them and will give the orders as they see fit, this member will not partake in illegal activities
  • Mob boss - This member will be the leader of one operation, Drugs, legal fronts and Weapons trafficking
  • Warlord -This member would run the onsite operations that they are assigned to, they would also be responsible for recruitment
  • Turf Captian - This member will be onsite and answer to the warlord, they will keep tabs on things in the area around the turf
  • Hitman - This member can be assigned to contracts given by any higher ranking members, they can also be contracted by the public is the need arises
  • Enforcer - This member will enforce the mafia way on anyone that tries to threaten them, this member will be responsible for keeping the high command safe
  • Butcher - This member will be responsible for evidence clean up and kidnap victims torture.
  • Scout - This is the first rank in the family, These are responsible for money making

((Logo is temp wiating for it to be finished))

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On 11/14/2018 at 7:07 AM, b3paulius said:

Top tier? Mafia? :DD can you really afford a super car?

If u have negative shit to say its best if u keep it to yourself.


Backstory looks nice, outfits and color schemes are also pretty cool. looking foward to see u around! 

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16 hours ago, b3paulius said:

Dont be a white knight. If you looking to get official status and trying to roleplay mafia you need to fit requirements of it, not jus make backstory and call yourself mafia etc


Look man, we are trying to endorse a higher standard of role-play. Just because most players use the server as money grab simulator doesn't mean everyone wants to.  please refrain from posting anymore negativity on our thread.

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It is nothing negative. Every criminal organisation, who want to become official criminal faction, have to fit some requirements. Mafia is high tier criminal group, and it have requirements also, such as driving luxury cars, living in luxury houses, plus need to do some rp, also cant rob stores, chop cars or make drugs, because it is highest tier criminal organisation. So one more time, if you decide to roleplay mafia, you need to look like one and do stuff like one. Good background story is very nice but not enough. There is one or two criminal groups in this thread seeking for highest tier official criminal faction name. You should look at least what they are doing and how they look, cuz they doing good job, especially fountain one.

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On 11/15/2018 at 10:04 PM, b3paulius said:

various things of which I felt the need to reply...


I don't see how 'being able to afford a supercar' is relevant since the accumulation of money is based on an OOC fact like being and playing on the server long enough to accumulate that wealth.

A group of players shouldn't have to be pushed into playing how someone else wants them to, because of OOC reasons. They should be able to play/aspire to be/play to a higher standard or faction of their own free will. They weren't born yesterday and have a backstory of which they would build off of that's not unrealistic.. It doesn't sound right to try to take that away or try to push them in a different direction if that's not what they want to do. I don't see anywhere saying that each new player or group, despite how many people or how much money they have, have to start on a lower end tier. You are correct, the family would most likely be or have been rich, they could also have gone through struggles, that wouldn't stop them from being or operating as themselves. Either way they should be able to play how they want.

I believe playing and aspiring to that higher tier and doing it well is more important than having the money in game. Doors should be open to people and leaders to be able to play how they want, not stuck getting pushed into joining other groups if it doesn't fit their needs or interests or because they're more official than others. Factions should be able to flow naturally and change in struggles and power and not be super rigid. Let people be and play what they want to be or play. If they're not negatively impacting the server or hurting others and driving good roleplay, why stand in their way?

Now I apologize if I've derailed the subject here. I look forward to seeing quite a few factions become official, even this one. It will be a struggle for many at first, but I trust everything will work out. Your concerns are understandable from an OOC perspective, If you have any criticism for the content presented in itself, please let them know where it can be better refined.

Thank you.

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Instead of looking at it as an OOC reason, you can look at it as an in-character reason.

If you're new in town, you can't realistically expect to be treated like a high tier mafia/cartel that would realistically take years of supremacy to achieve. The fact that you're so new you can't afford expensive cars/houses just gives you something to strive for, but it's in no way an OOC blocker.

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