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Remove "teleport-marker" from Tequilala

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2 hours ago, lenx said:

Perhaps there could be a way to toggle them. That way the players with working save files can play seamlessly, but those who don't still have a way to get inside of places.

Someone who knows coding can correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason mods like RageMP aren't shut down is because they don't use GTA resources and therefore aren't in breach of any copyright laws. They instead utilize the clients resources, hence why a gamesave file is needed for some things, like doors, to work. With that being said, I don't think what you're suggesting is an option.

There's been mods in the past that have received negative attention because they are using licensed files/data or whatever without permission.

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Thank you for your suggestion. As some time has passed, this has already been implemented, or this suggestion is no longer relevant/viable, it has been moved to our archive. We appreciate you taking the time to post a suggestion thread and encourage more posts in the future.


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