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Remove the ability to call check and instantly hang up.

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Basically, I find it extremely non RP, or metagaming to call check people to see if they are online. That is the only reason that people do it. I don't believe there is any other reason. Call checking is ringing someone and instantly hanging up to see if they are online for those who don't know.

Here are potential fixes, if you have another idea please let me know.

1) Make the minimum call time 2-4 seconds before the hang up button can be pressed, this gives the other person a chance to answer the call.

2) Make it the same as if you are calling someone who has there phone turned off, it just rings forever rather than saying they are not available or whatever message an offline player gives.

3) Add every call that you receive to actually show up in your "Recents" call log so you can see who calls you. Right now the way the "Recents" log works is only if you pickup the phone call or deny a call, I think.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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+1 and also to @Vixxey’s suggestion! I think (1) making calls still ring while players are offline and (2) a missed/recent calls list that includes  calls that were just left unanswered would improve player-to-player interaction the most!

it would totally eliminate the attempts to MG entirely, and players would be able to follow up with missed calls or interactions they would’ve had if they were online 🙂

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Imo phone needs a overhall, I give it that it is kinda better than the old phones we used to have. Although the old phones had much better features. New texts would filter to the top, when you logged in it would prompt you with the # of new text messages you received whilst offline. I also like @skeletee's idea of a missed calls/recent calls list. 

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