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Remove Vents From Import, Restore Furniture Store Vents

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Furniture Store Vents were recently patched to not work forth with Drug Tables.

Suggesting a return to the functionality of furniture store vents and removal of vents from import. VENTS ARE VENTS, THERE IS LITERALLY NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ITEMS.

You could make it reasonable and raise the price of furniture store vents to 5-10k.

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9 minutes ago, Ritchie Stones said:

why not toolboxes and tables as well ? table is a table right ? 
not that im a gainst, what would be cool is we could use our tables outside anywhere in the map, 
so much RP also make it cheaper

The issue is that it's not exactly the table that is important, but rather the tools necessary to cook specific drugs on the table right. Similar to the Toolbox scenario, gangs don't have access to manufacturers that they can buy these products from, which is why they use import system. 

Vents are quite literally the same exact thing that is sold at the furniture store but with differing purposes so +1


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