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Identification Cards

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Identification Cards or ID system.


So, since they removed the colors of the name from government/non-gov factions when they go on duty, I think the best way to identify if they are really in that faction is an ID system. 

In the ID system, we can be able to see the person’s name, age, contact number, current employment (if in gov faction/dcc/lsc/bayview/weazel news etc), their position in that faction, current sidejob (eg trucker, farmer etc). You can use it with /showid (/sid) [target], also to see it for yourself, just use /myid or /id. 

So, this means we can implement or add an age system. Other players can roleplay as a kid, as an elderly, or just a teenager, or adult. Also, in gov factions they may require age requirements such as (must be 21 years of age and above.) something like


Also, the reason for suggesting this aswell is because; after removing the colors of the names when on duty or even getting identified as a part of that gov faction, I think that most gov factions has this PR Agreements such as my faction(DCC) and has ties with other factions such as LSC where they get a free ride from us and we get a free labour from them by just knowing that we really work in that said faction. So, this ID system will verify that we actually are part of that faction. 

Last thing is that, people may say; “na, we got license stuff bla bla”. This suggestion is apart from the license system. License system only shows your name and your available licenses. But the ID system is more complex. It could appear as this in game for example:


Identification Card:

[Name: Francesco Escobar][Age: 34][Phone Number: 6666][Current Address: Elm Street 21][Government Faction: DCC][Position: Driver][Current Sidejob: Unemployed]


So, you guys might think that how are we suppose to set my age now since I have now a character etc etc. Well, once the age is placed, only admin can set your age or whenever you change your name at the police desk it can give you an option to change your age. So, just give the admins a power to /setage or even support, since it’s not actually abusable. 

For new players who are creating their character, they will have now the option to set their age. 

If you can add more suggestions/comments, feel free to drop them below. 

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7 hours ago, Pvle said:

+1 but dont need number and house addres. because criminals can try rob you and then they will know where you live,

You don’t have to show it to random people. Just show it to people you trust or for government requirements or any other stuffs. Plus, it will only say the house address. But they cannot locate it using some command. They must find it though. And realitiscally speaking, ID includes house address. It’s actually hard to find a house address because they do not contain any clue of the area you live in when you check it on th map. If you don’t have one, then it could appear as [Homeless]. You can include phone number or not as it is optional since some ID doesn’t contain contact numbers. 

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