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This faction portrays a street gang that's just moved into the city and trying to get to the top of the city 

through pure hard work and man power.



As all great adventures have great stories behind them,

Pablo's story is a tale to be told amongst the streets.


A few of the original member of Pablo had all grown up together in the rough streets of London

in the hood of Hackney. These original members go by the name of Pablo Bong, Tyrone Joshua 

Jason Brule, Diablo Joshua and Roman Bong.


After many rough years in the streets of London these members had picked up various skills in gang life 

like running from police, being able to make money by selling Food at anytime anywhere, skills in robbing people/banks stealthily

and amazing weaponry skills.


But all good things must come to and end,

and eventually the police had caught up to the Pablo's shenanigans and ended up deporting them to Los santos 

where their new beginning started. From here they had to rebuild their crew starting from nothing

but they are back and have one goal and one goal only...


To avenge everyone from the disrespect from Shenzen Dragons

and be at the top of the ranks once again.



Pablos are known for their colour patterns, this being all grey clothing and chrome vehicles. We are also 

known for rolling around in mostly all SUV cars, normally in groups/packs but never solo so never expect 

to catch a Pablo lacking.



Kick the shenzen dragons out of the city.

Be well known by everyone for the right reason.
Be friendly with everyone unless they have disrespected us.



The Pablos are situated in the construction area near mors insurance and around the surrounding area.




This is the top role you would need to be a founder or be picked if Pablo or Tyrone were to ever leave the city.


These are second in command and would be there to help decide decisions with the Pablo's. 


Business manager, these people keep track of everything that is being moved, whether thats guns or drugs and anything else. 



These members are they eyes and ears, anything that's happening around the city they know and will inform the OG. They also will receive weapons encase anyone should try to use our turf without permission.



These members would be the drug movers that would sell the food and move it from different locations, mainly answer to the BM.



These are just starting out, getting to earn trust and just assisting with any work that needs to be done.



The ideal member would have a working microphone

They would also have good ideas of criminal activities

Also decent English




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Tyrone "T" Joshua

Tyrone, mostly known as T, was born on 02/02/1999


From the age of 5 he was already surrounded by criminal activity, in school he was always getting into fights with other kids and always going too far so he never really did a full term 

in any school until he finally was moved to aspire in Hackney. This is where he met the original Pablos', his life long friends.


From the age of thirteen is when the group really started to get involved in criminal activity like selling food (Drugs) to the other children on the block and really seeing the true side of the terrible streets of Hackney, here they learned that to get by in life they really have to own things this is when Tyrone decided to take charge of his friends along with Pablo and lead them selves to be the top boys.

By the age of 19 the Pablos decided to do one of their biggest scores yet which was rob a bank, it was all going smooth until the feds rolled up unexpectedly at their apartment as they were getting they were getting the money ready to be washed, as a result they all got deported to Los santos as their prisons are more high security and decided to live life on their.


After Tyrone's departure from the DOC he and the other Pablos had decided to make the crew great again. It was here they realised that things will be much harder than in London as the Shenzens were reeking havoc on the city always controlling areas which annoyed the Pablos deeply.


That was until one day the battle plan finally began stage one...

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Jason Brule

Jason was born on 25/07/1998

Jason has always been involved involved in criminal activity and never did well in school. Until one day Jason was sent to Aspire and this is where he met his life long friends. His friends Tyrone Joshua, Pablo Bong, Diablo Joshua and Roman Bong also had a hard growing up in the dirty streets of Hackney.


At the age of 14 the Pablos started to do things like sell food to other hustlers on the block. We all thought it was time we finally had different roles in our gang and Pablo and Tyrone took on the role of leaders. I took on the role of OG, Roman took on the role of business manager and Diablo took on the role of look out.

By the age of 20 Pablos decided to do one of there biggest scores yet, which was robbing a bank. They planned for months and all was going well. They decided to hit the bank. Everything went great and thought we got away. As we were sat in the apartment the feds rolled up and trapped us in the apartment all of us were locked up.We were deported to Los Santos as there prisons are more high security and decided to live life on there.

After our stay in DOC we decided to make Pablos great again. It was here they realised That things will be much more difficult than London as the Shenzen Dragon were making our life a misery. We were robbed multiple times and had no hope. That was until one day the battle plan finally began stage 1 ...

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Name: Pablo Bong

DOB: 03/09/2000

Pablo Bong grew up in the ends of Hackney with no father figure or male influence on his childhood. Pablo hated school and was always in detention or suspended for getting in fights or playing pranks on teachers. His bad behaver soon escalated after being kicked out of school and moved to a spire where he met with Tyrone and Jason who he would soon become friends for life with. Pablo soon formed a good relationship with Tyrone and Jason as they had a similar situation as him. As a group, they were unstoppable due to their fighting abilities they learnt in school. After doing their time in the spire they were free to do anything they wish in the city of London. They ventured out into the streets to peruse a life in crime under the name of Pablos. Pablo was living large with a bad bitch and a gang full of people like him with the ability to take down anyone who gets in their way.  

By the age of 18 Pablo, Tyrone and Jason decided to fulfil a childhood dream of robbing a bank. After months of planning and hard work, they were ready to go ahead with the robbery. It was all going smoothly as they had successfully robbed the bank and were sitting in their apartment counting the cash when the Police pulled up unexpectedly and arrested all three of them. In court they were sentenced to 3 years in a high security prison in the area of Losantos. 

On completion of their sentence, Pablo and his friends headed out to see who was running things around the city. They soon found out that it was the Shenzen Dragons. They were controlling the streets and needed to be stopped. The Pablos had planned to take them down and now it was time for the battle to commence stage one.   

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Franchester Doobious 

DoB: 10/07/2000

Franchester Doobious was born into a french family. He was always inspired with chemistry and the business side of things. His father would sell cocaine mixed with sugar to Mustachio Fezzio, a local italian mafia leader, which greatly inspired him.

From a young age Franchester always was an expansionist and after he graduaded university he decided to take his idea and business to san andreas, Los Santos. He was a struggling man for the first times around the city. He quickly has found close partnership and friendship with a Mexican national named Tuco Mectimar. Both of them started to make plans for every idea they had. Given that Franchester had previous chemistry experience and Tuco knew his way around the town, they both started to deal in drugs and cook high quality narcotics. 

Franchester came across the Pablos whilst trying to cash in his salary at a bank, which is when Pablo offered him a spot in his gang. Franchester after a while took the decision to join as well with Tuco. Franchester went along with the Pablos, did a few deals and then officially joined them.



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