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Introduce a small additional fee to repair perma-stalled impounded vehicles enough to drive

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The concept is pretty straightforward and insignificant, and it comes down to adding an additional (realistic and affordable) fee to the vehicle impound upon release for vehicles that are permanently stalled, which in turn would repair the vehicle to just enough health points to be able to drive to a mechanic workshop for a proper repair. This could be incorporated into the already-existing release fee.

Not only do I highly doubt that any players on the server get enjoyment out of waiting for mechanics at a place as populated as the impound to fix the vehicle they had already spent a good chunk of time waiting for, but it also creates a logistical problem where the impound has limited space and release points that are occupied by permanently stalled vehicles.

It is more or less a minor quality of life change that would solve a logistical issue with occupied spaces at the impound, as well as make it so that players do not have to wait at the impound with their vehicle after spending time waiting for it to be released, to begin with.

Perhaps the consensus may be that this takes away the responsibility or roleplay opportunity of mechanics, but I think that based on the environment, it is probably better for mechanics to service a vehicle at their own workshop as opposed to at impound lots, which are smaller in space, and often also densely populated with players, more so than the interior of the mechanic garages.

TLDR; introducing an insignificant fee of a couple hundred dollars to the impound to repair vehicles that are permanently stalled enough to make their way to a mechanic workshop to avoid perma-stalled vehicles occupying slots.

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+1 The one thing I would also mention is the impound lots require us many times to back in a flatbed to a specific script location, while avoiding a slew of perma-stalled vehicles. It gets to be a logistical nightmare when crowded, doing a 10 point turn to line up exactly with /settowposition and /untow avoiding these vehicles that pile up, along with people, and other mechanics. Again just enough health so the vehicle can drive, but still needs major repair would be a big QOL improvement.

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