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Gas can - refuelling tweaks

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So as we all know, refilling your vehicle during a police chase or something alike would be considered Non-RP.

However, players still have the ability to refuel there vehicle as many times as they want if they have a gas can(s) in the vehicle or on there person.

So the suggestion is pretty simple, to combat this being abused disable players ability to refuel with a gas can whilst in the vehicle. If possible, make us only be able to do it if we're standing outside the vehicle. within a very close range of it. Failing that - make it so the engine must be turned off in order to refuel with a gas can.

(Finally, this should be a process that isn't instant.. Invent >> Right Click >> Use.  Maybe add an animation or make it so the process stalls your character for 5-10 seconds.)

+1 if you agree/support

-1 If you disagree

Happy RP'n!

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