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Gunshot mods

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As everyone knows, it is against the rules to use any 3rd party software to gain an advantage over players, for example aimbot or ESP.
I believe that any gunshot mods that allow you to hear gunshots that you wouldnt be able to hear without the external mods, should be prohibited to use as it gives you an advantage. For example lets say a gang has a shootout inside chiliad, a person not using any external gunshot mods would not be able to hear them from the highway below chiliad, where as if a player with the mods would. 

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Let me clear something up. Gunshot mods do not increase the range of gunshots. They are not capable of doing that if installed correctly, as all that gets changed are .mp3 files packed into a container. To increase the actual range, different files would need to be modified which are, generally speaking, not included with the RageMP/FiveM compatible versions of these sound mods. 
As such, for all intents and purposes, you can achieve the same effect and the same "advantage" by increasing your games volume. 

That said, I do think it would be pretty cool to include these gunshot mods in the server! I doubt anyone would call GTA Vs default gunshot sounds good or realistic in any way (which is the reason most people use these weapon sound mods anyway)

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+1 They are basically cheats. They give players advantage over others by installing software to their computer. And with pd/sd knowing this they intentionally install it to use it to their advantage. You can never have a good big fight with a rival gang anywhere on the map whether it be chilliad or garbage without pd/sd showing up stealing your loot! 

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